Bruce Willis starrer Death Wish will be released in India by Carnival Motion Pictures and will be globally going to release on the same day on 2nd March.

The trailer for the movie Death Wish released and goes viral on the social site and internet. The movie is touted as the remake of the 1974 action thriller ‘Death Wish’ is well received by the audiences.

Death Wish: Trailer Out Now!

Image Source: Indian Express

The Hollywood actor Bruce Willis plays the lead role in the movie which is produced by the Carnival Motion Pictures and the film is worldwide all set to release on this 2nd March.

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The 2:21 minutes trailer make it crystal clear that the movie is an action-packed film and story of the movie is also taken from the 1974 action thriller of the same name.

Helmed by Eli Roth, the movie features Bruce Willis in the classic vigilante role of Paul Kersey, a father, who when his wife is murdered and his daughter sexually assaulted, becomes a vigilante killer nicknamed and received a nicknamed The Grim Reaper.

Eli Roth is famous for directing horror and thriller movies like Hostel, Knock Knock, and Cabin Fever.

Along with Willis, the vigilante action movie also features, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Dean Norris and Mike Epps. Produced by MGM Studio and presented by Carnival Motion Pictures.

The action thriller movie will be hit theatres on this 2nd March worldwide in various languages, which includes English, Hindi, and Tamil simultaneously.

It will be really yet to see whether Bruce Willis will do justice to his role as vigilant and whether his role will be as memorable as the veteran actor Charles Bronson did in the 1974 movie.

Though on seeing the trailer it will be ideal to say that Bruce Willis delivered an everlasting act so I must say the movie will be going to be treated for his fans.


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