Living in a posh locality in Lucknow, Kavita Gupta (48) suffering from empty nest syndrome. She is a mother of two grown up daughter (s), Aadya Jain, 26 – married at Kanpur, and Saisha Agarwal (22), studying final year BBA course in Noida.

Kavita previously worked at a big firm where she met Rajendra (Her Second Husband).

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Kavita’s husband Rajendra Gupta (51) works as a senior manager in the same company in New Delhi. Mostly, he stays busy with his works including several tours to Mumbai and other places. Kavita Lives alone in Lucknow and finds it difficult to spend her time. She left her job only a few months back due to thyroid and diabetes.

SAISHA is an intelligent and witty girl. Unfortunately, her relationship with her mom wasn’t good since childhood.

The reason behind this complex mom-daughter bonhomie was Kavita’s second marriage or something else?

SAISHA was the daughter from Kavita’s first husband Rajeev Agarwal. Unfortunately, Rajeev died in a fatal car accident a decade back when SAISHA was just 12 years old.

Daughter hates mom

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Later on, Kavita married Rajendra (her ex-team leader) just a couple of months after Rajeev’s death. Both Kavita and Rajendra reached top notch posts at the company under the aegis of Sharma, the company’s owner.

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Interestingly, AADYA, Kavita’s eldest daughter always supports her mom and holds the view that raising two young daughters in a typical small city with a patriarchal mindset would have been difficult without  a second marriage.

One day, Kavita Decides to Launch a Business Enterprise near her home

Her Thyroid problem and blood sugar was under control. And she felt herself in the best of health and spirit in that time.

She thought of taking help from her own daughters to boost her business.

“No, I can’t allow Aadya to manage the daily chores of garage business. She is pregnant, and needs more rest.

Why not SAISHA then? Kavita thought.

Next morning, Kavita dialled SAISHA and informed her about garage business. SAISHA couldn’t believe it that her mom is an entrepreneur now. Kavita then requested SAISHA to participate in the business.

Mom daughter

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SAISHA was initially reluctant but then god knows what came to her mind and she instantly agreed to help her mom.

Forgetting all mutual differences, SAISHA and Kavita set for a new journey. From just a garage business, the enterprise soon turned out to be a one-stop solution for customer’s all automobile needs within just 6 months of its operation. Meanwhile, SAISHA also passed her graduation exam.

unusual mom daughter story

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Kavita’s Entrepreneurial Dream Demolished Fully!

One night, mob set ablaze Kavita’s entire enterprise for reasons unknown. Why they did it and under whose behest they resort to violence was still unknown.

Nothing was left in the factory. From automobile spare to account books – everything was turned into ashes. Luckily, no casualty took place but still a huge damage to the property was sustained.

When Kavita and Saisha learnt about it they were emotionally shattered. Kavita was crying very hard while SAISHA informed the Police about the ghastly incident.

From the police sources Kavita learnt that Joseph could have been the perpetrator. Kavita didn’t like the close proximity between SAISHA and Joseph any longer.

The rival firm owner, Joseph D’Souza, 27, was in love relationship with Kavita’s Daughter SAISHA.

She decided not to talk to SAISHA about it because Police didn’t have a strong evidence as yet against Joseph.

One morning, Kavita overheard a shocking thing. “Hope you guys did it well and left no proof there. Mom has doubt on your firm. So, take care and stay cautious from my mom.

Joseph: Don’t worry, sweetheart. Everything is done  in a tacit manner without any proof. It will take years for your mom and Police to find out who did the damage, Joseph claimed with a grin on his face. I paid a lot of money to the mob to do the same that night. They executed my plan well without any trace.

Flabbergasted Kavita quickly recorded the entire conversation in her smartphone and reached police station.

Even Noida Police authority was shocked to hear Kavita’s statement and analysed the evidence with an utter surprise.

Daughter burns down mom dream

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How and why would any daughter destruct her mom’s successful venture?

Next morning, Police officer reached to Saisha with two lady constables, and immediately took SAISHA to the police station where Joseph was also present for cross verification of the statements.

“SAISHA and Joseph, You are under arrest. You are booked under Indian Penal Code (Section 120 B) for hatching a criminal conspiracy to damage Kavita’s property and endangering the lives of the people. Now, Reveal everything at the earliest or stay prepared for the third degree torture”, the top cop said.

Soon, Kavita’s husband Rajendra and AADYA also reached the spot.

“I hate my mom, since childhood. She didn’t listen to me even once. When I asked her not to remarry so soon immediately after my dad’s death, she ignored me. And then she also didn’t care to listen to the physical abuse that I suffered at the hands of Mr. Sharma (My Mom’s Ex-CEO). My mom stayed busy only with her career and life, she even forgot that I was growing up and Sharma was just a vulture for me.

My mom wanted more career growth , and for that Sharma made my life hell. But she didn’t protest: SAISHA !

SAISHA, Kavita’s Daughter Finally Spills the Beans

“I wanted to harm her in a big way. No daughter should ever develop such amount of animosity against her mom. I had the grudge inside me for so long and finally just when mom’s business flourished, we (Joseph and I) decided to finish it all in a second”, SAISHA confessed.

Silent Joseph nodded his head confirming SAISHA’s statement.

A lady police official said “are you mentally alight?

Looking towards the lady police cop, SAISHA said, “And my mother did nothing to protect my modesty when her boss “Sharma” frequently touched and groped me here and there. As a cautious mother, she should have left the job and immediately lodged a police complaint. But instead she made me a scapegoat to reach pinnacle of her success in previous employment”, SAISHA added.

That’s Why SAISHA, The Daughter Hated Her Mom !

“Both mom and my 2nd dad ruined my life because of their own ambitions. Continuous physical abuse by Sharma snatched my childhood away. But my mom and 2nd dad preferred to stay mum as it might have ruined their career growth at that time because Sharma is a powerful businessman”, SAISHA disclosed her pains with tears in eyes.

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AADYA left the spot immediately. She was horrified to hear SAISHA’S agony of childhood abuse and mental and physical torture at the hand of SHARMA.

Is Saisha correct? The police officer inquired.

mom daughter hatred new twist

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Both Kavita and Rajendra kept their faces down in shame. Kavita and Rajendra didn’t pay heed to little SAISHA’S complaint in the past because Without Sharma’s help Kavita and Rajendra’s promotions weren’t possible.

“Record SAISHA’s statement carefully, and I want this Sharma in lock up by tomorrow”, the Police Officer ordered his team.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

(Disclaimer: Totally Fictional story. Any resemblance to any person will be purely a co-incidence)

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