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Couple’s Guide to Traveling Abroad


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When traveling abroad as a couple, you will quickly realize there are some unwritten laws out there. You will slowly start to realize them. After spending tons of time traveling with my spouse, I have learned certain things that most travelers don’t know of.

I am going to share with you some tips that you should remember when traveling abroad as a couple.

6 Tips for Couple traveling Abroad

Do Go on Dates

While walking down the streets of a foreign city, going wine tasting and going on different tours might seem like little dates, but do not forget to go on actual dates with your partner.

It might be a bit challenging to remember and plan actual date nights with your partner after all the traveling and time you already spend, but going on dates and doing something sweet for each other will make your journey more special and memorable.

Carry Debit Cards

Carrying a lot of cash when traveling abroad can be very risky. Remember that you are in an unknown place, so there are little chances of getting robbed during the night.


The best way to avoid carrying a buck load of cash is getting a Travel Cradit Card or a debit card online. International debit cards work on every ATM machines, so whenever you run out of cash, you can just go to the ATM and get money.

They are super easy to get and there are lots of different offers available. You can check websites, like Crediful, and find a good debit card for your future trips abroad.

Share the Same Luggage

Baggage charges of airlines are increasing every day. A good way to save money would be to get the same baggage for both of you.

Just take a good baggage allocation on one ticket and do not get a check-in baggage for the other ticket. By doing this, you will not only save money but will have less baggage to carry around.

Divide the Responsibilities

One good tip when traveling abroad with your partner is dividing the responsibilities equally. Suppose you are good with maps, then take that responsibility, and if she is good at finding discounts and booking proper restaurants, then let her do that.

This way, the majority of the responsibility won’t fall into one person’s shoulder and both of you would be able to enjoy the vacation to its fullest.

Get Some Alone Time

Yes, this is extremely important. Just because both of you are going together, does not mean you have to be with each other 24/7.

Just taking a small trip to the store while your partner is chilling on the hotel room can be totally fine. This will be a good way to decompress yourself.

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Avoid Blaming Each Other

There will be certain situations when either of you will screw up. Maybe one of you forgets to bring the travel money, lose shoes or the spectacles. This is a common thing to happen on a tour.

In these kinds of situations, it is best to take responsibility and not put blame on your partner. These are the things you will remember about the trip, so instead of getting too angry and ruining the trip, just take time to calm down and let it go.

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Bringing it up, again and again, will only make you and your partner feel bad, so just go with the flow.


There you go, these are the 6 tips you should remember when traveling abroad as a couple. Share this article with your girlfriend or boyfriend, so both of you can return as a couple. Have a safe journey.