A strange or different kind of incident took place in our nation, Madhya Pradesh, which is being focused on the issue that still in these 21st Century girls are considered as a burden and it is even in that time when girls proved themselves excel in every field.

This incident also highlights the issue that girl child is still not welcomed in many houses, still in India, a baby was named ‘Anchahi’, a Hindi word means unwanted by her parents.

Madhya Pradesh : Dejected By The Birth Of Girl Child, The Couple Named Her 'Anchahi'

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Something weird and bizarre is that the story is from Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur, where the girl was born at the period of Navratri- a time when Goddess Durga is being worshipped consecutively for the 9 days.

As we all know that our nation is trying to mitigate the biases against the girl child, but still, we see various cases every day which took place against girl and women, directly and indirectly, way.

Literally, we read every day something which shows that girls became the victim of the decimation anyway.

Haryana and Punjab top the list regarding the cases of infanticide and foeticide took place, Rajasthan and Gujarat are non-famous for the child marriages.

Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are considering as the most unsafe places for women and NCRB statistics just confirm the same.

I think we still need to work regarding the safety of women or gender equality which is somehow still disappearing from our country still when we are a developing democratic country.

And, previously, the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on International Women’s Day addressed the nation where he said, that a daughter is not a burden, which is exactly justified to say.

“A daughter is not a burden. Please look around us- see how girls are bringing pride and glory to our nation. They are excelling in several fields,” the PM said

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