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Common Problems Every Handsome Man Faces

A nice guy with a handsome face is an awesome combo. I definitely fall in this category!

Ok… Now, I’m telling u how girls perceive handsome boys and their reactions!

Most girls will think u love them. Their faces and staring will suggest so. Whether it’s true or false.

  1. Girls will stare at u too often. But when u look back, they will ignore. Let them enjoy don’t stare back unless happens unconsciously.
  2. If you go to gym and have abs, then certainly u will get more attention.
  3. Usually, girls won’t talk to you. They will behave too shy!
  4. Even if u initiate a conversation, their reaction will be cold.
  5. Keep smile on ur face if u interact with them at college or office. They expect that.
  6. They may get or behave nervous around u. If you are also shy, reserved and introverted intellectual guy, then things will be more difficult as both will avoid approaching 1st.
  7. Girls will certainly check you out from head to toe without ur notice.
  8. Girls will be too shy to talk to you but will talk more with other average guys. Don’t feel sad. Maybe they find your handsomrness competing against their beauty, so they behave like that!
  9. You will make good impressions at jobs and interviews and conferences!
  10. Whether u want it or not, u will become the center of attraction. Be cool and just handle the same.

Just try not to be too approachable. As girls usually start ignoring their crushes when their crushes start loving them back. It happens becuz of psychosocial reasons and mindset.

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