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It Was To Late For Sam To Realized Christiana And Her True Love

Once upon a time there was a kind hearted girl in London, named Christiana. She was a girl next door type girl who was not only blessed with a beautiful face but also a good heart.

She was a college going girl and she completed her graduation with 85% from a renowned college of London. As of now she was doing her MBA study from a good college of London. She was a very bright student, most of the time she used to stay busy with her study and college assignments.

She wanted to scored good marks in her, MBA study so she never compromise with her study and education. She also wanted to move to US for the better career prospects but somehow in her heart it was a hidden dream that she wanted to get married, wanted to have kids and wanted to be a homemaker.

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Anyway, in her college, Christiana was in love with a good looking guy, though, he was not a handsome guy, he used to just look above average and Christiana was very beautiful. The guy was good nature guy, but somehow was pompous kind of guy.

His named was Sam and he was a career oriented guy in the whole college. He only wanted to achieve big things and career in his life, other people’s feelings really doesn’t matter for him.

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But Christiana never realized this and she always look after his good qualities as he was somehow helpful in his nature.

It Was To Late For Sam To Realized Christiana And Her Love

He was also a good friend of Christiana and used to share a good rapport with her. He used to chat with her, talk with her in the college, used to the duo shares coffee and both were connected on Facebook and WhatsApp too but it was Sam who was always after to take help from Christiana.

When Sam used to required note, he used to take from Christiana and Christiana with her open heart used to help Sam and because of the Sam’s good nature, she was also eventually, started developing deep feelings of love for him.

Though, Sam was a career oriented guy so he was always wondering how to make a perfect career which was his main dream to see development and growth.  Christiana was unaware of this and she was already fond of Sam and now she started loving him.

Sam was already aware of this that Christiana is in one sided love with him as she was fond of him and her love used to show in her eyes, which Sam used to realized.

One day it was a chilling and cold day, Christiana decided to let Sam know her feelings. It was eve of New Year, it was 28th December, a chill and cold night when at the evening time, Christiana, proposed Sam via her messenger of phone as in the night they were not in the college and it was the perfect time when Christiana thought to let Sam know her feelings.

Generally, girl never proposed to a guy but Christiana’s love was too pure and pious that she even doesn’t care about her self-respect, ego or attitude and she proposed to Sam which makes Sam prideful of himself and he was also turn to be happy on hearing that.

Common Sam was an above average looking guy and Christiana was super beautiful, so he was also obviously attracted towards her but he said to Christiana, that, “ He is not her cup of tea”, and he rejected her love by saying, “Forget me, I’m a career oriented guy and for me my career matters the most”.

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Christiana was shocked to hear so, her whole world was shattered!!! It was Sam who was the whole world of Christiana.

She tries to convince Sam that she really loves him but Sam was stubborn and he never realized Christiana and her love. In fact, after knowing that fact that Christiana loves him, he started avoiding her which makes Christiana hurts.

Christiana Tries To Convince Sam

She tries her best to make Sam realized her love but all things were going waste. And finally, a heartbroken Christiana realized that it is useless to Love Sam who did not even understand her love, it is far away to appreciate the same.

Sam used to ask to Christiana to move on her life and to forget him which was very difficult for Christiana to do as her love for Sam was too pure.

One day Christiana tries to convince Sam that “She really loves him and she can’t live with her”.  Christiana losses her self-respect, her dignity as her love for Sam was pure but Sam humiliated her badly in a Coffee Shop of London and introduced Christiana to his girlfriend Samantha who is also a friend of Christiana and the trio study in the same college and same class together.

Brokenhearted, shattered and devastated Christiana leaves the Coffee shop with her teary eyes, and started walking Alone in the road of London.

She was unable to bear the pain that Sam loves Samantha and she started crying for the same. It was just unbearable situation for Christiana as Sam was everything to her.

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She again call Sam it was 14th February, Valentine’s Day eve and tries to convince him, but Sam this time insulted badly Christiana, also asked to her that very soon he will be get married with Samantha and also he block her number from his mobile.

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It was too much for Christiana as now she even can’t express her views and opinion and messages to love of her life, Sam as Sam block her number. Unable to bear this Christiana decided to end her life.

And on the day of Valentine’s Day eve, she committed suicide by throwing herself in the Swimming Pool and she did not know swimming though.

Christiana Ends Her Life

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Next day Christiana’s family was broken down to see their beloved daughters dead body and with due respect, they buried her in the bridal costume as she always wanted to be bride in her life which remain now only a dream for her.

After 2 or 4 years, now Sam is a successful and well respect banker of London who decided to move to US with his girlfriend Samantha. He is aware of the Christiana’s demise but he was not much bother for the same.

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On the other hand, Samantha was also unhappy with Sam and his arrogant attitude. Sam was always after his work and his career which Hurt Samantha also and Samantha’s friend also suggest her that think twice before tying knot with Sam for whom work and career is priority And love come latter!!!

It was bright Sunday and Samantha decided to meet with Sam in get together party which she organized for him but as usual in this party Sam was late as he was busy with his as usual official work which hurts and embarrassed Samantha as her friends ask to her about her BF.

Now Samantha decided to give up her relationship with Sam and co incidentally she get to know that Robin, an old friend of Samantha is in love with her and want to marry her.

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He is an ordinary school teacher but good at heart kind of person. For him his family come first then her career and job as he believes in the theory that, “Money can’t buy happiness”.

Now Samantha break up with Sam and she get married with Robin. She chooses a middle class school teacher, Robin then a Rich banker Sam as Robin was a real being and used to understand love and its feelings.

Samantha Chooses Robin Over Sam

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Sam tries to creates ruckus at the wedding part of Samantha, as Sam was an arrogant guy but this time Samantha ask her security guard to drive him away Sam from the party as she was not like Christiana, who will bear all atrocities’ of Sam.

Sam was hurt to see and feel this and he also witnesses the wedding between Samantha and Robin. Now he is in the same place or position where 5 years ago Christiana was in!!!

Now he realized the real love of Christiana, which was selfless love and he realized his mistake whatever he did with Christiana that were wrong and wrong.

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He wanted to seek apology from Christiana and also he wanted to accept her love but it’s too late. Christiana’s soul after death, even, supporting Sam and protecting Sam, feels the pain of Sam and wanted to hug him but she can’t as soul cant and unable to touch human.

Sam Realized Christiana & Her Love But Its Too Late

Only tears are rolling from the Christiana’s soul’s eyes, which Sam can feel but he can’t do anything and he is just busy realizing that because of his arrogance he just losses the true love which he will be ever get in his life or not this will be yet to see.

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So Sam realized Christiana’s love but it was too late for him, now he is ALL ALONE IN HIS LIFE. Christiana’s soul is feeling bad and sad for Sam from the other world, with teary eyes, and Sam is now alone wondering and remember-ring all wrong doings which he did with Christiana!!!!!!!

Note: Any resemblance to this story will be a pure coincidence and the publisher will not be responsible for that.)

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