1). Chocolate powder

2). Almond

3). Cinnamon powder

4). Vanilla essence

5). Sugar


Firstly make warm water, lukewarm!

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Take half cup water and mixes chocolate powder on it to keep it aside.

Now in a cooking pan put half cup sugar and let it melt in soft flame.

Special Recipe: Yummy Chocolate Brick

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When sugar will be melt properly, add cinnamon powder and vanilla essence on it.

When sugar will be mixed with the cinnamon powder and vanilla essence and all will be mixed and melt together add the chocolate syrup and mixes it well and switch off the gas.

Now add the almond on it, and mixes it well together. You should not make it dry there should be some water on it but the chocolate melt will be thick.

Now keep it fridge after pouring it in a square box.  When it will freeze keep it out from the fridge but you should keep it in a freeze.

And now homemade Yummy Chocolate Brick is ready, you can give it to kids!

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