Eating Chicken Egg Rolls, Chow mein & Other Fast Food is Dangerous!

Every evening, you will see a lot of itinerary restaurants afloat on Thelas serving delicious fast food in India. This includes egg rolls, chicken rolls, parantha and other fast food. It is widely popular across India.

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In fact, fast food is the people’s favorite evening breakfast these days. 

The United Nation Has Remarked that 2.8m People Die Annually from Eating Rolls, Chow mein, Burgers and other such high calorie stuff.

Popular items, Double egg chicken rolls and chowmins are the favorite of the masses. They often consume more than what they need to during evening hours resulting in acidity, stomach heaviness, gas, diarrhea and other health troubles.

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Will You Still Eat Fast Food?

If you are extremely hungry or have skipped your lunch or not planning to take your dinner in the following night then such fast food can be good to fill your stomach otherwise it could be bad for your overall health if you consume the same on a daily basis.

#1) One egg roll consists of 225+ calories, and consuming a single piece of double egg-chicken roll could give you calories of around 300, which is too heavy for anyone.

#2) specially in India, hardly the authority checks the quality of food being served at these restaurants and roadside eatery. So, you can’t be sure of their quality and standard.

#3) These shops are often unhygienic and prepare dishes with non-purified water. Some of these shops dont have even basic license to conduct their businesses yet they do  without any checks from the government.

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#4) In order to make these dishes more enticing, these shops apply more oil to these dishes. These extra oil are a rich source of saturated fat and trans fatty acids which is not too good for health.

#5) Sometimes they add stale chicken or eggs while preparing the dish and consumers often take the same without any resistance.

#6) The quality of meat/ chicken is always questionable in these eateries. You don’t know from how and where the eatery owners have collected or bought that !

However, you can certainly consume fast food once a week. That won’t effect you much.

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You have a lot of other natural evening breakfast options too. For example, fresh fruits, soups, boiled vegetables, tea + biscuits and light snacks. This summer, you can also take a glass of Sattu Sharbat either with sugar or salt as your evening breakfast.

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Even Bel fruit or Sugarcane juice can be taken to beat the summer heat, and it can be taken as your evening breakfast too. I think it is high time, we should say good bye to these fast food. They do no good to our bodies.

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