Nothing is tastier than Delicious chicken Biryani in this world. It happens to one of the most popular dishes among the non vegetarian people across the world.


Chicken   :  1 kg

Onion         : 4 Big Onions

Boiled Basmati Rice   :  500 gm

Garlic     : 2 big

Ginger    :  50 gm

Saffron soaked in Milk     :   ½ cup

Tomato puree   :   1 cup

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Chicken biryani

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Turmeric powder   :   2 spoons

Green Chilly    : 5 pieces

Salt      : as per taste

Ghee     : 250 gms

Vinegar    : 4 table spoon

Dhania powder   : 2 tea spoon full

Garam Masala powder: 2 tea spoonful

Cardamom : 10 gms

Clove:  5 gms


Bay leaves: 4-5 pieces

Red chilli powder  : 2 tea spoon

Sugar    : 2 table spoon

Cooking Procedure of Spicy Chicken

Cut the chicken in equal pieces.

Now keep the washed chicken marinated with vinegar

Put the rice to boil over a pressure cooker and take out the same once it whistle for 2 minutes.

Keep it aside at a different bowl

Put another pan over your gas stove.

Add 4 spoonfull of ghee over it

Add cardamom, Clove and Cinnamon along with bay leaves.

Now, fry onion well until it runs red.

Add garlic, ginger paste and green chili paste.

Fry it well adding half cup of water.

Now, add turmeric, coriander and red chilli – all powdered.

Put all the chicken pieces over the “masala and fry well.

Add 1 cup tomato puree over the chicken and fry it well until it turns red and dry.

Add sugar and salt according to taste.

Chicken biryani

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Cooking Procedure of Biryani

Take the boiled basmati rice and put in a different bowl.

Put a pan over the gas. Add four tea spoonful of ghee along with cardamom, Clove and Cinnamon.

Now add the boiled basmati rice in the pan and stir it well. Let it fry. Add one spoon of salt and sugar according to the need.

Now take out the dried chicken and properly add it to rice along with its spicy gravy.  Switch off your gas now. Now, add the saffron (soaked in milk) and garam masala powder to the biryani.

Your tasty chicken biryani is now ready.

Serve it with few green chilies, lemon and salad.

(By Snigdha Home Chowdhury)

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