The flamboyant Actor Dev Adhikari will do upcoming film Chaamp a sport drama with his close friend Rukmini Maitra. She is lucky to have friend like him. The upcoming sports drama “Chaamp” will portray the struggle of an overweight boxer.

The postar and teser of the film show that Adhikari did justice to his role in this sports drama. On the other hand, Rukmini Mitra also got a good opportunity to deliver fantastic Acting skills under the pressure of working with a superstar like Dev Adhikari.

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Apart from the leading duo of Dev Adhikari and Rukmini, the film will also have major roles of Priyanka Sarkar, handsome Chiranjeet Chakrabati and Kaushik Ganguly. Dev and Rukmini will don the role of a boxer in the movie.

The Official Teaser Launch of Chaamp of Dev Adhikari

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Poster and trailer of this film is not only attractive but of also great emotion too. Tollywood’s popular singer Jeet Ganguly gave music to this film. This film is set to release this Eid as Dev Adhikari is ready to give eidi to his fans this Eid.

The film is expected to be highly successful due to the combination of director Raj Chakrabati and lovely onscreen chemistry of Dev Adhikari and the beautiful Rukmini Maitra. Already, Tollwood fraternity wishes the film “best of luck” on social media.

Dev the charming hero did many hard works for his body to portray the role of a boxer and stayed long time without salt in his diet. Continuously, “I Love You” Actor is doing promotions for his film “Chaamp” on twitter. Tollywood is really proud to have made a film like Chaamp. The teaser is really interesting. Dev’s furious style in the film Chaamp is indeed passionate. Dev Adhikari is very professional even his close friend Rukmini Maitra too.

Watch the Official Teaser of Chaamp Now

“Agnishapath” boy has now become a Chaamp in Tollywood and represents Bengali Cinema globally. Dev Adhikari, the hero of this film is a professional Singer, Actor, Producer and Politician.

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