Cauvery Water Dispute: The decades-old Cauvery water dispute in the South Indian states between Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala have come to end when the Supreme Court finally pronounced its much-awaited verdict today.

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The apex court said and directed that the state Karnataka to release and delivers a quantity of the Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu from its inter-state Biligundlu dam which will bring the end of the storm that goes on over the distribution of water within the two states, regarded as the Water issue Dispute.

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The order entitles Karnataka to an additional 14.75 tmcft of water over and above the 270 tmcft Cauvery water it receives as per the 2007 tribunal award.

According to the SC order, till now there will be no change in allocation for Goa and Puducherry which receive 30 and 7 tmcft of water, respectively regarding the issue this Water issues Dispute.

This one is touted as the landmark verdict in the decades-old Cauvery dispute, the Supreme Court announced that there will be cut off water in the Tamil Nadu’s share of the river water, while poll-bound Karnataka has been allotted a larger share of water which the state received earlier.

While Karnataka will be now released 177.25 tmcft of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu – instead of 192 tmcft – from its inter-state Biligundlu dam, Karnataka itself can be enhanced 14.75 tmcft water, which will be above the 2007 Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal (CWDT) award of 270 tmcft reportedly.

In effect, now the Tamil Nadu will now get 404.25 tmcft of Cauvery water, as a replacement for of the 419 tmcft allotted to the state by the CWDT. The order on the water allocation is all set to continue for the next 15 years.

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The Supreme Court stated that the increase in the water share for Karnataka is on account of groundwater and drinking water requirement which is only for the Bengaluru residents.

The court also declares this that the increase in the share of the water for Karnataka by 14.75 TMC will go on by keeping this fact and view in the mind that there will be increased in the demand of drinking water by Bengaluru and also for many industrial activities.

The Supreme Court also stated that the 2007 CWDT award of 30 tmcft to Kerala and 7 tmcft to Puducherry remains unaffected and unchanged.

In 2007, the CWDT had ordered 419 TMC for Tamil Nadu, 270 TMC for Karnataka, 30 TMC for Kerala, and seven TMC for Puducherry.

The landmark Supreme Court verdict arrived after some months before the Karnataka Assembly election, anyway.

The ruling Congress is as per expectation will take the credit for what has been a much-talked controversial issue between the two states.

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