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Top 9 Life Lessons That My Campus Life Taught Me—No One Else

red panda

red panda

Campus life or life inside college premises is unique and significant in various respects. Everyone should get into college and enjoy the experience when their times come. It teaches so many things  when you are literally on top of the world. As a confident, young, and ambitious person, college life adds necessary skills to your overall persona.

From my 10+2 to Post Graduation (MA), I’ve seen the ups and downs of college life. But to be honest, my college life has taught me several things that you won’t realise until you go there.

I am a guy. Obviuously, I reflect my thoughts based on my experience and perspective.

9)You can’t be friend with everybody in your class.

I guess most of you have already realised it in your school. But I was an emotional fool. I tried to make good rapport with each girl and boy in my college.

And you know what was the end result: All of them stopped talking to me. All of them made fun of me. Nobody considered me as my friend barring a few others.

What I did? No. I didn’t change my path. I was still friends with everybody. But by then I just realised who were my true friends and who were just pretending to be ones.

8) Never join college politics even if your friends and teachers insist.

If you are not from a political family, If you don’t understand politics well and if you want to do something big in your professional life, never take part in ugly college politics.

Here anything can happen, and you may even get beaten, injured or killed. College is the hub of gangs and criminal-minded people. You must stay away from them.

Simply complete your education and come out clean. No need to get involved in ugly petty college politics.

7) Never Disrespect your College Teachers.

Just as you dont disrespect your parents, similarly dont disrespect your college professors. Moreover, what will you gain by disrespecting others? It won’t make you taller or greater.

6) Never be in hurry to make friends or fall in love.

College romance doesn’t take you anywhere. So unless you two share same life and professional goals and have similar mental wavelength, it’s useless to enter into any relationship at such a young age. It could only disappoint you more and more.

5) Graduation is not just a course, it checks your patience.

No matter whatever you wish to do in your life, never thought of skipping your graduation. Ultimately, it’s your academic asset that you will retain forever in your life.

Just becasue it takes so much time-3/4/5 years, it doesn’t mean you should opt to drop out. Never do such mistakes.

College dropouts are useless. They won’t do anything big in life. Now don’t drag BIll Gates/Steve Jobs into it.

If you have no money, if you are from poor background, only education can help.

4) Enjoy your collge days, but sensibly.

Just becasue you are a college student that doesn’t mean you should cause inconvenience to others. It means DRIVE CAREFULLY/ DONT TEASE Others/ DONT ENGAGE INTO RAGGING/ GIVE RESPECT TO JUNIORS AND SENIORS.

3) Make your college life remarkable.

You can do it by getting good marks and grades. or you can take part in extracurricular activities like singing/dancing/speech/painting/acting and etc.

2) Never trouble your parents for getting into good colleges by paying heavy fees.

You know your parents are working tirelessly to get you admitted to a college. So respect their thoughts. If they don’t have enough money to send you at a good college, just agreed with them. And make the most out of the opportunity you get at government/state collges.

1) At your college life itself, you must create your own professional and life goals.

You have to do it. Nobody can do it for you. Only you know what you want to do in life and how you wish to achieve the same.

You must not be an undecided fellow. After completing your college life, you must be able to move towards your own career path. At this stage, you must choose your career and follow it with full passion.