Here we are presenting a brand new delicious Chicken burger recipe for all of you. You can learn it here in a few easy steps.


Bun: 2 Pieces

Sesame seeds: 1 table spoon

Butter: 100 gram

Boiled potatoes: 2 Pieces

Chicken Minced: 200 gram

Lettuce leaves: 3 Leaves

Cucumber: 1 piece

Tomatoes: 1 piece

Cheese: 100 gram

Chicken burger

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Onion paste: 1 tea spoon

Garlic paste: 1 tea spoon

Ginger Paste: 1 tea spoon

Greeny chili paste: 1 tea spoon

Coriander leaves: A few pieces

Black pepper: 1 teaspoon

Salt: as per taste.

Lemon: 1 piece

Cooking procedure of burger

Add 2 tablespoon of butter to a pan adding sesame seeds.

Now fry both the buns well from both sides

Take the boiled potatoes and mashed them.

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Prepare tikka (adding salt, green chillies and lemon juice with chopped coriander leaves as well) .

Roast the potatoes in a different pan well with butter.

Now take the  chicken minced and mash well with Garlic paste, Ginger Paste, Green chili paste, Coriander leaves, Black pepper and Salt with a few drop of lemon juice too.

Burger chicken recipe

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Fry it like like kabab.

In another plate, cut tomatoes, onion and cucumbers in ring shapes along with an alpino.

Now take one of the buns and add cheese on top of it.

Add potato tikka now inside. Also, add the salad you just prepared.

You Delicious Chicken Burger will Taste Awesome

Squeeze a lemon on top of the salad with lettuce, black pepper and salt.

You will now have to add the ‘chicken kabab’ that you also prepared for this purpose.

Chicken burger

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Now, put a cheese above salad and cover it with the other bun.

Your burger is now ready.

(By: Snigdha Home Chowdhury)

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