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7 Best Block Building Games like Minecraft

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Minecraft is a popular online game in which many players all over the world participate in building a world where they can either play as a single player or even multi-player. The main task in this game is to survive all the hardships that life in the game has to offer, by building weapons, tools, shelters, or taming animals to ease your life in the game world, but also join other players in their quest with them in either their world or in someone else. You can not only build your world,  Do you know, other than Minecraft there are other similar games exist in the market that is equally enjoyable and have lots of fun and are similar to Minecraft?

7 Best Block Building Games like Minecraft

Here are the top 7 Best Building games similar to Minecraft that offer similar or more smoother game experience-

  1. )Terraria – It was released for PC in May 2011, and till date, it reached more than 2 Million systems on different OS and platforms. We can say it is similar to Minecraft, but according to user reviews, it seems it is a 2D version of Minecraft, but it does offer more than building, crafting, and fighting. It is a survival game where you need to survive in the game by digging, challenging, and also constructing, along with that the gamer needs to earn fame and fortune.
  2. )Portal Knights – Released in 2016 for multiple platforms – Windows, XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Android smartphones. Similar to Minecraft but it is more vibrant, crafty, and smoother. Also, it is a 3D action-adventure sandbox game. One of the most differentiating thing from Minecraft is the ability to let three more people join you in the saved games or the existing gameplay, as different characters. The logic behind this feature is that all the characters viewed as separate entities, helping you to switch over the characters quickly and continue the game.
  3. )Don’t Starve – It is another survival game released in the year 2013, available for single and multiple players and on various platforms –

Android, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation (3, 4, and Vita), Wii U, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The key to winning this game is by building a trans-dimensional doorway to more difficult levels until you meet the final boss. The most challenging is that only one item can be carried along with the knowledge to build the things which the gamer created while traveling via the trans-dimensional doorway.

  1. )Roblox – Since its release in 2006, around 65 million active users considered Roblox as a similar to the game Minecraft due to its feature of building a world with virtual blocks. In this multiplayer online game, gamers can create their games or world, and also they can join another players game or world. This game made highlights for being educational as children not only learns about programming but also this exposes not only children but also adults to the tips and tricks of marketing and advertising. Based on ratings provided by comScore, Roblox ranked number 1 gaming site for both kids and adults.
  2. ). WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft – It is the mobile/tablet version of Minecraft. If you love building, crafting or taming of animals in Minecraft, then definitely you will enjoy the WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft on portable devices such as iOS, Android and Windows. Similar to Minecraft, you can build your world, tame your animals, and fight bosses. You can also play this game in two modes – Survival mode and Creative mode. If you’re a single player, you can play in Survival mode with infinite maps, crafting, building, and mobs. Also, you can play in the Creative mode as a single player or with multiple players who are online.
  3. ).The Forest – The Forest is in a way similar to Minecraft in terms of the building, but in terms of User Experience it’s more creepy as there are a lot of scary, blood-thirsty characters in the game which can give you bone-chilling experience. The game begins with a plane crash, followed by cannibals who are trying their level best to catch you, drag you to their underground lair and eat you. The only thing you need to do is Survive from these native tribe of cannibals by building tools, weapons, and shelter.
  4. ). Ark: Survival Evolved – What if a game is so similar to Minecraft, that you don’t feel the difference between them except the fact that Ark: Survival Evolved includes dinosaurs instead of pigs, cows or other livestock animals. In Ark: Survival Evolved, you can enjoy taming the dinosaurs to follow you everywhere you go, do simple tasks or even let you fly on their backs. Ark is one of the exciting games developed by Microsoft. In this game, you enter this world with nothing, and you need to break nearby things to survive or create new tools or weapons or for shelter.


Some people may not be able to purchase premium minecraft accounts, which doesn’t allow them to check all the features of the game. For all those, these alternatives to Minecraft can help.

I hope you found the article about similar to Minecraft games available in the market for you to play and enjoy, either individually or with your friends sitting near you or thousand miles away, enjoyable to share with your friends. Then, please do share it.

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