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Bright with Organic Might- Indian Agrarian Sector Expanding Post New Farm Laws

The Indian agricultural sector witnessed boosted organic products export after the new farm laws and private players like Adani Group, Baramati Agro Ltd, and Organic Tattva have ensured proper education and training of organic farmers, further enhancing the growth of the sector

Given the thrust on reforms in India’s agrarian sector with the recent farm laws, the nation has witnessed accelerated exports of organic products.

Additionally, private players like Baramati Agro Ltd, CIL, ITC, Adani Group, much before the new farm laws, have been working towards boosting organic farmers’ income, as well as facilitating the requisite infrastructure and transportation for the wholesome growth of the sector.

India’s organic food products export surged by 51 per cent year-on-year to Rs 7,078 Cr (USD 1 billion) in 2020-21, confirmed the commerce ministry. The nation’s organic products export has reached over 60 countries including European Union. Great Britain, USA, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Australia etc.

A consignment of 10.2 MT of certified and processed gluten free Jackfruit powder and Jackfruit cubes was exported to Germany from Bengaluru via sea route, thereby boosting the organics export. Another shipment of 1.2 MT of jackfruit was recently exported to London from Tripura.

The quest for safer and healthier food has led to the aggressive growth in the demand for organically grown foods in India. Bestowed with potentiality in the sector and indigenous skills, organic farming not only protects the environment but also has a greater socio-economic impact on the country.

All the recent development in the sector, be it the boosted exports or the infra support by the likes of Adani Group comes in tune to the new farm laws which have deregulated and liberalized the agrarian sector in India.

Indian startups like Farmers Fresh Zone and private companies like 24 Mantra Organic, among others have taken up the agenda to facilitate technologies and impart proper education to organic farmers to boost their incomes.

Established much before the existing farm laws, Adani Agri fresh Limited (AAFL), a subsidiary of the Adani Group’s flagship company, trained field associates and procured the yield directly from the farmers at each project site, removing middlemen from the loop.

From building storage infrastructure for FCI, facilitating transportation, educating and training farmers on organic farming and its manifold benefits, private players like ITC, Cargil, Baramati Agro Ltd, Adani Group have augmented the agriculture sector, backed by the new farm laws and boosted export of organic products.