Breastfeeding is obviously one of the most natural things on this Earth, and something which is crucial about this, that, the Breastfeeding is something which is actually very essential for a newborn baby’s survival.

And yet, no wonder why a woman Breastfeeding in public is regarded as creepy stares and rude looks, or something weird or very shameful.

We can say this cover pic of Malayalam magazine break this kind of thinking!

This Bold Malayalam Magazine Cover Has A Woman Breastfeeding Her Child And This Gesture Well Received By Netizens

Image Source: Twitter

And accurately or literally such as said to be a blameworthy behavior is what Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi is displayed, via their bold cover.

The cover has an image of a woman or mother breastfeeding, along with the statement, “Mothers tell Kerala, “please don’t stare, we need to breastfeed”.

Not only is the cover completely on point, take a look at the netizens positive reaction on Twitter. 

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