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Interesting Interview With The Blogger Gaurav Kumar

In this week we share with you a very interesting interview of the blogger from Delhi, Gaurav Kumar. Gaurav Kumar is known for his blog, and he also writes articles for

Firstly say, heartiest congratz to the newly wed guy Gaurav Kumar and read this interesting interview of him which is quite inspiring also.

Gaurav Kumar

Interesting Interview With The Blogger Gaurav Kumar

1). Briefly Introduce Yourself to Our Readers.

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I am Gaurav Kumar, an internet entrepreneur, a full-time blogger, and former CSA from India. I am a web entrepreneur in love with blogging business. Write of Complete Domain name Guide, Blogging for money guide and creator of Learn Blogging Online course.

2). How you manage your website and how much time you dedicate for the same?

Managing my website is like leading my life. As I said, I am in love with blogging and my website is what makes me stay in love with the blogging business.

To manage my site, all I need is to take care of three important things;

  • Creative Content
  • Promotion
  • Clients and readers

I spend time on finding the innovative solution for my readers and promote the content on various social networks. I also devote my time to please my clients.

3). Kindly let us know what your hobbies are?

Blogging is not just a profession but my most favorite hobby.

But, if you think I am a guy spending whole life in front of the laptop, then you are wrong.

I love driving. Every week I drive between 500-1000 kilometers.

I also love visiting new places, meet new people, parties, watch movies, read inspirational stories, play video games and do a lot of funny stuff.

4). Who is your muse or inspiration for your creative work and who is your all-time favorite personality of the world?

I have told the world about my inspiration behind blogging business. Courtney Rowson is my all time favorite personality in the blogging world. She is the founder of She has created a multimillion-dollar business, and this has always attracted me the most.

Her work and dedication have touched me and made me jump into the blogging world.

5). What is your true love? Travel, Writing, Food, Reading, Blogging, cooking or anything else apart from running your own blog?

I have already disclosed that Blogging is my true love.


Because it saved me from living a BPO life, made me my boss and open the door of money, time and location freedom for me.

I love spending time with my family and friends but making money at the same time.

6). What is your success story? If you can narrate in short.

I have a saying for this

“You can take away my house, you may take away my tricks and toys, but one thing you cannot take away from me. I am a Blogger.”

The success is all about dedication. I am not just earning money with blogging business but also earning respect and name.

I have featured on hundreds of blog posts and roundups. My creations have also featured in UC MEDIA and OPERA NEWS.

7). Which are your favorite travel destinations, and why?

USA. The answer is simple. The USA is the country that every blogger want to target. It is the place to turn your blogging machine into a goldmine.

The whole world is targeting keywords or traffic from the USA. It will be great If I am there the entire time.

Also, USA is a beautiful country with so much to explore and I love exploring every opportunity.

8). Your favorite quote?

“What you call Hell, I call Home.”

9). Do you believe in a job or business? According to you which are the suitable choice of an individual to witness success in their career?

I believe in business. I have a strong point for this. The biggest earners in this world are businessmen.

But, you may not get the same answer from every individual.

Business is suitable for only those who love to live the life of ups and downs. The people who believe in getting up after every downfall. Business is for those who are risk takers and spend life exploring new opportunities.

If you do not have such passion in your life, then business is not for you.

10). Share your experiences of the working as Blogger in this blogging world? 

Blogging world is becoming crowded. People are creating more and more blogs everyday. But at the same time, it is not easy to deliver the quality.

I have seen ups and downs, I have faced changes, and I am here.

Working as a blogger in this blogging world is not as easy as it was a few years back.

This is the time when every blogger needs to invest not only the time but money as well to get the desired results.

11). How your blog happen? If you can share a brief story of the same?      

Someone has said that keep your mind open to grab a new idea.

This is what I have done.

I was a video game shop to play some game when I met a regular player there. He was a student. We both were talking about the internet and things when he told me that there is a way to make money online by writing. He told me about how to start a blog on Blogspot, but he never told me how much he has earned.

I spent six months researching the idea and ways to make money with blogging.

Finally, I have launched my blog.

Within the first three months, my Adsense earning has crossed $550/month. After that, I never looked back. was born to help people find everything about technology as well as the ways to monetize their time.

12). Let me know is affiliating marketing easy or the general blogging is easy?

If you want to struggle for every penny, then you may want to stick with traditional contextual ad networks. But if you’re going to create a system that can generate money even when you are sleeping, then you should focus on affiliate marketing.

The easiest way to make money by affiliate marketing is by ranking for the keywords in Google search or by using social media promotions.

The choice is yours because life is yours.