In the final episode of Black Mirror, the Black Museum perfectly displays and structure which is the swift and rapid episode of Black Mirror and before seeing the final episode of the show we should not talk much about the show anyway.

So let’s keep this brief.

Charlie Brooker defined this Black Mirror episode: “a bit like White Christmas, as it has three stories in one.

“It’s Tales of the F****** Unexpected!”

An American-set episode of the Black Mirror, Black Museum chased a woman named Nish (Letitia Wright, Top Boy), who is very sexy and young. Her electric car needs literally charging.

Black Mirror's Season 4: Finale Review

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To kill the time, she visits a mysteriously-named Black Museum for sightseeing.

Owner Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge, The Night Manager) greets her, searches her bag which gives an intense one-on-one tour around his collection of “authentic criminological artifacts,” which he somehow claims. “If it did something bad, it’s in here.”

Rolo has a creepy charlatan vibe about him, which is various off-color jokes to Nish, and this is the vulnerability and weakness as of being a lone woman on the road he’s already flagged up.

Thankful to Rolo who put Nish’s safety in doubt but Nish is brave deal with the situation.

Black Museum is an automatic repeat play – which is yet to finished as the grand finale episode is ready to begin now,

Do not resist this urge. Go for it Black Mirror episode.

Only then fans will see all the subtle little details planted from the beginning which is yet to give advice and also notices the things will go in the Black Mirror episode.

The Black Mirror universe has been developed in to go to the massive extent over four seasons which is the hint for aficionados in order to make a connection between two seemingly dissimilar stories or worlds.

Here’s a freebie: Rolo Haynes worked for TCKR, the company which is running San Junipero, keeping the 80s-loving ladies alive in the virtual appearance.

In the medical technology the Rolo’s past in informs the museum totally for the episode Black Mirror that is literally type of science which holds massive potential to assist people, but also there is some power which is enough to destroy the same completely.

Judge for yourself where Rolo falls down on in the side: “Half of the assholes that roll in here can’t describe their symptoms,” he says to a doctor where people try to talk sweetly in a downtown New York hospital named Saint Juniper’s.

And that’s him still keeping up a bit of a polite front.

Black Mirror's Season 4: Finale Review

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The three interconnected stories take in all of Black Mirror’s essential themes: parenting, relationships, pain, empathy, consciousness, punishment.

Certainly, there’s also some tech stuff too available.

Like each episode of Black Mirror which is obviously linked to each other, San Junipero, Black Museum endeavors to be an “emotionally authentic” experience for the viewer, as Brooker and his co-creator Annabel Jones joint the same.

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At the moment when all hackles are raised by Rolo’s tales of casual cruelty, a true burst of emotion should bring wrong somehow for the people.

Let it. That’s the best bit.

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