India is famous for its multicultural atmosphere which is unique and enthralling. So when our nation is surrounded by varied cultures, so it is obvious for us to have a lot of variety among our friends too. And we can consider ourselves fortunate if we are blessed to have at least one Bihari friend, which would be really amazing for us.

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Here are Top 10 Amazing Reasons To Have A Bihari Friend:

1. We can try and taste all the Bihari yummy and luscious cuisines like Litti Chokha , Dal-Puri, Gujjiyas, Khaja, Pirakeeya, Thekua and so on!

How can we miss Holi celebration on Bihar where our friend can serve us a glass of Bhang alongside Mazedaar Malpuas as well as Dahi-Bada which is simply amazing.

Bihaari Cuisine

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2. You’ll always have assortment kind of Achaar

While having Daal Chawal we will never miss Achaar as our friends will be always carrying amazing kinds of Khati Mitthis and Kacche Aam Ka or Mirchi Ka Achaars on their tiffin which will be making our boring Daal Chawal spicy one!


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3. The famous festivals Teej, Jitiya and Chhath Puja Prasads will be surely offered to us by our incredible friends to make our Puja season the awesome one!

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4. Instead of using ‘Main’ we will be start using ‘Hum’ in our daily sentences:
Due to I’m from Bihar so I often say to my friends, “Hum Bhi Chale Tumhare Saath”! Is not this is funny, indeed cute!

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5. Bihaaris are having competitive streak during team events so this unity will just help us to win the race.

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6. We will be surely going to be fan of Bhojpuri actors as we already often enjoyed almost every Bhojpuri films and Bhojpuri songs with them:  

Bhojpuri films and songs are the most sorted out topic for recreation with our Bihaari friends.

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7. Having Bihari friends so don’t worry even to get trapped in the tricky situations as he will be always having a ‘jugad’ to run away from the situation: 

Generally, Bihaari is having relatives in almost every field as per our knowledge so we can imagine how it is resourceful to have a Bihaari friend indeed!
Biharis are extremely helpful. Whatever problem they are always there ready with solutions! So our friend will be all the having proper Jugaads and solutions for any damn problem.

raanjhanaa still

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8. Amazing Company we can have with whom we can Shares some philosophy of life:
Bihaaris always love to make sentences on the life philosophy as well they composed Shayaris which is worth to make us philosophical often.

friend still

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9. Chalta Phirta Google:

It is true that the citizen of Bihar is having a regular habit to read the newspaper so when we will discuss something about the nation we can have the regular update from our Bihaari friend whether it is political issues or economic, general knowledge or about the current affairs.

How can we forget Bihaari boy Sushil Kumar mention his name on history by winning Kaun Banega Crorepati by giving correct answers to the each question.

Amitabh Bachchan with Sushil Kumar

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10. Rich in historical significances’:

Bihar is rich in its history which is actually surrounded by lots of historical significances’. No wonder if we wish to visit Bihar once in our life and having Bihaari friend in our company will be like a gift with whom we can move around Bihar.


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