An undersecretary-level officer posted at the Patna Secretariat passes away today morning post he was being shot at by unidentified attacker at the today early morning.

The officer was posted with the Department of Planning in Patna, Bihar. He was shot at inside at his own home. Post the mishap, He was rushed to the Ruban Memorial Hospital in the city where the team of doctors pronounced him died as per various reports.

Bihar: Patna Secretariat officer shot at

The officer has been identified as Rajiv Kumar. As per various reports and assumption, Kumar is suspected to have been shot while a robbery attempt.

“The goons barged in and took his wife and daughter hostage. They demanded the keys to the locker and threatened that if he does not comply with their demands, they will rape the women. When he tried to resist, the goons shot him,” the neighbor said to the media house India TV

Rajiv Kumar was actually posted at the power department of the Nitish Kumar government as officer level.

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