The TV reality shows Bigg Boss Telugu is all set to have its grand finale tonight on Sunday and the show of the finale episode already started at the Star Maa TV, which is a famous entertaining show.

Some news is making round on social site and internet that the TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu, is all set to have tonight its grand finale night episode. The reality show is now having its finalists on its kitty which includes, Adarsh, Hari Teja, Siva Balaji, Navdeep, Archana.

Winner: Siva Balaji 

Among these five finalists, someone will emerge as the winner of the Junior NTR’s TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu. The grand finale night of the TV reality shows Bigg Boss Telugu is touted as the much awaited at the same this is much anticipated too.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 has been entertaining us for 69 days. The 70th day is here and the winner of the show will be declared by the host Jr NTR who proved himself incredible as a host. The contestants of the house, some are sloppy and some are active but most of them win our hearts.

Social media is filled with predictions who will win the title of Bigg Boss Telugu as each contestant are deserving and having some fan base.

Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale: Who Win The Show?

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On last week Diksha Pant had been evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu and she was the last one who evicted from the show.

The first Season of Bigg Boss Telugu show received plenty of viewership and host Jr NTR too is being appreciated for his hosting skills. Out of Siva Balaji, Adarsh, Archana, Hari Teja and Navdeep, someone will emerge as the winner of the show.

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Lets through light on the contestants’:

Siva Balaji:

He is quite a popular contestant at the Bigg Boss Telugu house and he also deserves to win the coveted trophy. His fans voted for him and being an actor he is having 70% of chance to win the show.


Archana looks weak at the house but still, she looks confident at the grand finale round of the Bigg Boss Telugu so she will be giving tough competition to the rest of the contestants’.

The negative feedback and overcoming the “lag” tag Archana took in the positive sense at the house which proved her as an ideal contender and she is also a winner material.

Navdeep :

Navdeep is a wildcard entry has taken the show to another level. Blessed with good look Navdeep always managed to hold the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house with his amazing sense of humor and punch dialogues delivery.

Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale: Who Win The Show?

Image Source: Twitter

He also showcased the humanitarian side of him and always motivates Archana to be strong in the house which Archana follows. And today Archana is one of the finalists of the show, all credit goes to Navdeep literally.

Navdeep got many votes in nominations as he was a wild card entry but with the support from the audience now he is at the show.


He is one of the tough contestants of the show, giving competition to the other aspirants. After that episode, he became dull as Prince told him as well strong and perfect banda to win the show Bigg Boss Telugu.

He was somehow weak when the Bigg Boss Telugu was in its initial days but post the eviction of Prince he just became strong and started taking stands. So finally now today he is one of the finalists at the Bigg Boss Telugu.

Hari Teja:

The low-profile celebrity has some attention from the audiences at the Bigg Boss house because of her modesty.

She is known for her story and her attitude which she showcased at the show and the way she interacts with her peer group it is called ‘Hari Katha’ which was being declared in one of the episodes of the Bigg Boss Telugu.

That was the best episode one can see in the entire season. She took all the attention towards her and now she is in the grand finale episode. The actress always takes all the positive comments as good feedback and she considers the negative comments as an honest feedback.

She thinks this will be helping her to be a perfect person in the Bigg Boss house. So she always looks positive at the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

The actor turn host Jr NTR who said about Archana and her string at the Bigg Boss Telugu house, that, “She took Siva Balaji into her grip to take control of the house.” But later it was cleared and she can win the title.

Whether it is Siva Balaji, Adarsh, Archana, Hari Teja and Navdeep out of these five aspirants someone will win the Bigg Boss Telugu title with the prize money of Rs. 50,000 so already fans are having goosebumps and floating butterfly in their stomach to see who will win the show.

Soon after Junior NTR will be announced the winner’s name we will be let you know so stay tuned to know the latest update of the Bigg Boss Telugu.

The popular singer and musician Devi Sri Prasad will be also crooned some blockbuster songs of him at the Bigg Boss Finale stage. Grapevine is suggesting The King Nagarjuna will be joined the stage of Bigg Boss Telugu as a special guest which will be increased graced of the show.

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