On the last Tuesday’s episode, the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu, display that how Kaushal tries to use his jail card in order to help Geetha and Geeta was locked in the jail as she was discussed about the nominations.

Though, Bigg Boss refuses to let Kaushal use his way, especially because this was a harsh punishment for Geetha.

Tanish and Amit’s secret task continues for the whole day and Bigg Boss asked them to join him in the confession room and congratulates them as the duo won the task.

Bigg Boss also asked the duo to continue the task for a bit longer. Just before lights out, Bigg Boss declares that they have concluded a secret task and now the entire house will be received a treat from the Bigg Boss himself.

The inmates are all curious to know what it was so Tanish confesses and also clarifies that this is only part of the game. The housemates are treated to pizza and pastries for dinner and the entire house was seen very happy.

Before everyone went to bed, Deepthi said to Tejaswi about the misunderstanding revolving round in the Bigg Boss Telugu house where everybody is confused with the Tejaswi’s character.

Tejaswi then says she saw Nandini discuss Bhanu at the Bigg Boss Telugu and in the next morning, Deepthi asked Nandini what she heard from Tejaswi which also makes Nandini cry, And broken down in the tears.

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Tejaswi and Nandini also get into a heated argument regarding some issue when Nandini first goes to Bhanu and tells her that she never said anything bad about Bhanu behind her back but also all girls seek the apology from each other.

Bigg Boss

Bhanu, though, calls Tejaswi to clarify what is happening. Tejaswi clearly says that Nandini told her that Geetha feels Bhanu is supporting Sunainaa just for votes, and the same about Tanish. Nandini then goes to Deepthi and Shyamala and asks that if they speak about Tanish in the Bigg Boss house but the later said that she can’t remember.

Nandini rants about Tejaswi to Deepthi, Shyamala and later even Tanish also. She says it is Tejaswi who says things she heard from someone to another and then cries which is not good for the house, though, the former also comfort her.

At one point all the inmates also comfort Tejaswi, and then she says Tejaswi is jealous of her friendship with Tanish which created somehow rift at the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

Now Deepthi then tries to convince Bhanu about Nandini’s innocence but Roll Rida interferes and Nandini told him that she doesn’t like Bhanu so she simply nominated her.

Tejaswi also questioned at the house regarding Deepthi’s intention behind why she is being nice to everyone and Tejaswi discussed the same with Samrat.

Tanish and Samrat also discuss the nominations which happened and take place at the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss then gives the housemates an interesting task where the inmates are split into couples, wardens, and guards and the couples are expected to exchange love letters in order to meet each other, while the warden’s team need to prevent them from doing so.

Tejaswi is paired with Samrat, Tanish is paired with Nandini, Sunainaa is paired with Roll Rida, Deepthi is paired with Kaushal and Amit is paired with Bhanu. The game started which is touted as a fun game.

Now Tejaswi embrace Samrat multiple times, Deepthi gets a love letter from Kaushal and as the wardens try to separate the boys and girls, then the episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss marked its ending.

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