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Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Written Episode Update

In the latest episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu 2, the inmates woke up to ‘Iraga Iraga’ song (from Na Peru Surya Na Illu India).

And Sanjana has been seen speaking with Roll Rida, regarding her bitter past experiences and Roll Rida give some courage to Sanjana.

Shyamala imitated her inmates and Kaushal copied Shyamala instead which actually tickled funny bones of the audiences and the housemates.

Nani is the new host of Bigg Boss Telugu, Season 2. The first season was hosted by Jr NTR.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Story

Nutan Naidu and Kaushal, Sanjana where actually seen speaking about the grand finale episode and the trio was saying at one commoner will be surely going to reach in the grand finale episode of the Bigg Boss Telugu.

She once again emphasized the commoner-celebrity segregation in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. Kaushal suggested her to change her attitude as this can creates hindrances in the path of winning her goals, though; this sentence of Kaushal just irked her.

Sanjana shared her frustration that she has been locked in jailed for two days. She felt Nutan actually nominated her.

Bigg Boss then declared the release of Sanjana and she just happily come in the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

Bigg Boss asked everyone to come into the living room and he asked Sanjana to select 7 inmates. She chose Tanish, Tejaswi, Sunaina, Ganesh, Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri and Samrat.

Sunaina cracked the most awaited ‘Ant joke’, which ridiculed the situation.

According to the game, there were 2 groups discussed their strategy ahead, Kireeti was given a letter with details about the luxury budget task named as the ‘Cheppandi Prabhu’.

Now the group of 7 members selected by Sanjana who was from the ‘Prabhu’s’ group and the rest belonged to the ‘Sevakulu’ group.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Written Episode Update

Prabhu team was given a whistle and they are also having the right to give the command to the sevakulu group as well to give them any kind of task of their own choice.

Sevakulu would eat only after Prabhu group and they will be also permitted to eat only in the banana leaves.

Sevakulu group was also done not permitted to sleeping on their beds. Each member of the Prabhu group was entitled to 3 votes (alike, unlike and heart) which can give the award to the Sevakulu of their choice based on their performance. The luxury budget and captaincy all depend on the performance in this task.

Anyway, very soon after 3 months, the grand finale episode of the TV reality show, Bigg  Boss Telugu is all set to take place, and it will be really yet to see who will win this season?

Babu Gogineni (from Sevakulu team) alleged Sanjana of harassment. Tejaswi suggested her group mates treat the sevak team fairly.

Image Source: Bigg Boss Telugu 2

Tejaswi found fault with Sanjana who is casting her votes to Sevakulu on their behalf. Babu also denied giving a head massage to Sanjana, in fact, He accused Sanjana of harassment. Babu reminded the Prabhu group as well as all boundaries of the team also he said further they are not eligible for being owners.

The Prabhu team had internal conflicts and they also discussed the flip in Sanjana’s behavior.

Nutan Naidu cries somehow and Roll Rida consoled and motivated him. Babu lectured Nutan about how to play the game safely which irked Nutan.

Sanjana, Tejaswi, and Tanish argued regarding the Sanjana’s attitude and their actions as owners. Geetha Madhuri and Tejaswi argued over the same issue though.

Geetha Madhuri turned emotional and she supports her teammates Samrat and Kaushal also tried to pacify her.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Grand Finale Details

Last Season of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu was won by Siva Balaji, the actor is well known for his film, Arya.

This will be really yet to see when the grand finale episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 will be air and who is going to win the title winner of the show.

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