Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Anchor Deepthi gets sad to see viewers comments for her:

Deepti Nallamothu, the Anchor was offended post she reading out the messages from the viewers.

Post the eviction of Deepti Sunaina, it seems like Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has turned to be a very tough game now.

The nominations for the upcoming eliminations for the TV reality show, actually already occurred during the weekend episode of the Saturday Night.

All inmates of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 had to nominate two fellow participants’ for the forthcoming evictions. Tanish, Kaushal, Deepti and Pooja Ramachandran are nominated already for this week’s eliminations.

Deepti gets offended by the rude comments from the audience

After the nominations were done, the all inmates of the TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu house were given some envelopes with names were mentioned and written on the envelope.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Anchor Deepthi gets sad to see viewers comments for her

Each competitor had to pick the envelope with their name on it and was need to read the same as per the public opinions out loudly. The messages are from Bigg Boss Telugu 2 spectators to the inmates’.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Sunainaa’s Eviction Make #Tanish Sad

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 makers seem like now dealing with the all negative comments for the contestants. 

Each challenger tried to defend themselves but it needed to mention at the house of the TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu that particular thing of the contestants’ which doesn’t like by the audiences’.

Deepti Nallamothu received a message at the stage of the TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu that she has a craftiness nature which reflected on the show and Deepthi turn to be offended to receive those comments from the audiences’.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 public opinions

“How can they judge what I am? By watching TV they can’t decide how much effort I am putting in the tasks right? This is unfair!”, Deepti said.

Shyamala and Geetha Madhuri try to pacify Deepti. Geetha also told that Deepthi need not give importance to other’s opinions which again irked Deepthi.

Deepthi’s reaction is all set to further damage her image because it appears like she can’t handle criticism.

Some of the netizens wonder why Deepti is so offended because in one hand she turns to be pleased with the votes of an audience, on the other hands she can’t handle criticism.

“Our votes are saving you from being evicted during the nominations. You seek for votes but cannot take our comments?” one person commented.

although Amit Tiwari, Shyamala, Samrat, Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, and Kaushal received bad messages from the audience, they explained themselves anyway at the weekend episode of the TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu.

But, Deepti and Ganesh aren’t able to get over negative comments and the duo only think about the same.

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