Post-eviction of Sendrayan, from the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2, the host Kamal Haasan shared his unhappiness over the exit and said that he was keen to make Aishwarya Dutta leave the Bigg Boss Tamil 2 house.

He also said about the direct nomination process which he is keen to have at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2, however, he is not sure whether this will happen this week at the show or on the next week.

As of now the controversial show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2, adopted most of the nomination process, and this was reflected on a Monday night.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 13th Week Elimination

at the same time as Mumtaz is also in the danger zone, Aishwarya refused to be in the danger zone and wanted Vijayalakshmi to go with the test. As the inmates are not getting ready to accept this changes nomination process, the Bigg Boss then asked the housemates to come up with the 3 names.

It helped the contestants to sorts out differences and Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya without proper and justified reason went to the danger zone with Mumtaz.

Riythvika was directly nominated last week after she was defeated in front of Mumtaz in a weekly Bigg Boss Tamil 2 task.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Riythvika, Vijayalakshmi, Aishwarya, Mumtaz Are Nominated For This Week!

Who do you think will be out of the house in the 13th week?





Last week, from the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2 task, Aishwarya surprisingly escaped from the danger zone and from the nomination test too.

Sendrayan was shown the door eventually, she get evicted from the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2.

This week, she seems to have lost confidence as the actor and host of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2, Kamal Haasan himself expressing his wish to see her elimination and she was also hurt to know Kamal’s opinion for her.

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