In the latest episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Marathi, the new captain of the house has been decided somehow. The episode begins on the light note though.

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Sharmishtha and Sai were discussing Usha’s comment on Smita’s lips. Usha had asked Smita about the shape of her lips which irked Usha.

Aastad and Resham were seen speaking regarding the Smita’s immaturity and also consider her as an over-pampered kid.

Now Bigg Boss then gave a new task to the other inmates. The task was ‘Smart Talent Night’. In this task, the all inmates were determined to play pass the parcel game. Aastad was the one who had to close his eyes and he was seen giving the command to the other contestants with his close eyes.

Bigg Boss Marathi

Sai sang a Portuguese song and performed and now Smita did a dance performance by humming an English song.

Usha did a small skit on ‘Londonchi Aaji’ whereas Nandkishor recited a poem in front of the house which spread recreation there.

The umpire of the task and Bigg Boss Tamil house, Aastad, now announced that Smita as the winner of the ‘Smart Talent Night’ task.

A new day in the house begins with the song, “Hawa Ke Sath Sath’. Post the song, some challengers were guessing the task of the day because of some wordings of the songs.

Then Bigg Boss declared that Pushkar’s captaincy period has come to an end and it is the right time to decide the new captain of the house.

Bigg Boss asked the inmates to declare the names of 3 members who performed well in the last task.

Now Everyone takes Nandkishor’s name for the first name. Resham was the second name who performed the task properly. There was an argument for the third name. But finally, Sai’s name was declared for the captaincy task.

The task was ‘Chaal Vatchaal’. Aastad was declared as umpire of the task. As per the task, the skiing boards were giving among the 3 contestants. All the 3 were asked to stand on the same pair of skiing board.

They had to continuously walk with that ski board where the winner of the task was declared.

Nandkishor was the first to withdraw his name from the task. And then Sai and Resham have been seen compete for winning the captaincy.

But sadly, Sai got her back severely injured and she decided to leave the weekly task and then Resham Tipnis becomes captain of the house.

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