In the latest episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam, Archana said that Srinish , Basheer, and David should stop doing exercise as they are eating massive food in the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Written Episode Update

The Bigg Boss said that the inmates will be received 2500 points in order to successfully completing the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss ordered the all participants to select the required food items that also provided the list and warned that the luxury budget will be canceled if they exceeded the point.

Now the Captain Shweta was checking the list of products and Sabu was assigned to write those items on the board.

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During the task, the inmates begin shouting and Sabu was not able to respond quickly. Ranjini took initiative and she writes names of the food items. They completed the task successfully. But Hima blamed that the captain for didn’t select and including pickle in the list even though she was shouting for it. The whole team was seen upset with Shweta’s choice.

Now Sabu, Anoop, and Suresh were seen together in the smoking zone, where they discuss various things. Deepan , Archana , Ranjini, and Shweta were seen as in a single group.

They discussed the other inmates, David, Srinish, and Basheer were seen together and now Shweta called for a meeting and each of the working teams (cooking team, bathroom cleaning team, house cleaning team, and plate washing team) discussed their difficulties.

Shweta was seen speaking to Sabu about his issues with Ranjini Haridas. Sabu said that he made a comment on a lady on the virtual world, but this is quite interesting that with the lady he never met in his entire lifetime. He said that now he has understood who Ranjini and consider her as a fragile person.

Bigg Boss ordered Shweta to suggest two inmates names for the next captain. She discussed with the other housemates and decided Ranjini and Archana as the contestants and then Archana emerged as the captain.

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