In the 11th September episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam shows that Aditi Rai called Sabumon a man of immorality when he tries to take keys from the Aditi’s dress.

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This was a verbal war, took place at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam, when Suresh also took a stand against the inmate Sabumon Abdusamad who is also the best friend of the Suresh anyway.

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Malayalam: Aditi Rai & Sabumon Fight With Each Other At The House

Episode update

The last night episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam, started with an interesting luxury task in which Bigg Boss declared that Shiyas will be the king for the Bigg Boss Malayalam house for a single day, so she will be also received all privileges being king of the house.

The Bigg Boss also handed him a key, and order him to keep the key safely, and if he will lose the key then he will be also lost his power as king as well as the person who will grab the key will become next captain and king of the house.

During the task, Shiyas also give punishment to Aditi. Fascinatingly, Aditi grabbed the key from Shiyas very cunningly so she turned out to be the next queen. Aditi later gave a punishment to Shiyas. But the Bigg Boss declared that Aditi will be saved for the remaining hours when she is the captain.

Aditi kept the key inside her attire and Aditi also said and alleged Sabumon that he touches her inappropriately when he was trying to snatch keys from her by force in order to he wanted to become captain and king of the house.

Aditi soon gave the keys to Suresh and she also said to Suresh that Sabumon is a man with a strong immoral side. She also alleged that Sabumon does not know how to behave with a grill which irked Sabumon.

Hearing these comments, from Aditi, Sabumon reacted powerfully against Aditi, and Basheer also backed Sabu.

In the night, at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam, somehow Aditi seek an apology from Sabumon. Sabumon now said to Aditi that he is not a man who plays dirty games in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house.

He also asked Aditi to be very careful whilst she will be said or deliver these kinds of statements or comments at the public platform of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam, against anybody.

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