The actress Krishi Thapanda was evicted from the TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada, on the last week and she is the fifth inmate who said bye to the Bigg Boss Kannada.

At the Bigg Boss Kannada house, Krishi was a good friend of Ashitha and the duo was compete in the final round of the Kichacha Sudeep hosted a show on the last week episode where Krishi Thapanda said bye to the show.

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While, during the conversation of Krishi with the host Sudeep, she said regarding the contestants’ of the Bigg Boss Kannada that Ashitha is not playing the game in the house; and she also said once her total concentration was on Jagan.

Bigg Boss Kannada: Diwakar is the sweetest person in the house, says Krishi Thapanda

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She said that Chandan Shetty and Sihikahi Chandru are playing a safe game in the house. Though Jagan is an unpredictable contestant still he is okay but Krishi described Sameer Acharya as a big liar.

Krishi said about Diwakar that he get properly adjusted in the Bigg Boss house and Sudeep also gives her compliment by saying that she was a popular contestant of the TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada as she is a happy-go-lucky girl and happiness is the key element of life indeed.

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To everyone’s surprise, when Bigg Boss gave her special power to give Super Adhikari as an evicted participant of the house. And she announced that she will be using the power of Jaya Srinivasan, with whom she never had a cordial relationship in the house.

Super Adhikari will be used by Jaya Srinivasan in tonight’s episode at the nomination process. Sudeep expressed his displeasure regarding the reasons contestants gave during the open nomination process. Sudeep called it as childish somehow.

Reacting to his comments, Riyaz revealed that he was keen to nominate Ashitha as she once called him a cheap person. Sudeep considers it as a silly reason.

Ashitha said last week’s nomination was a tit for tat and it was a painful process too. Chandan Shetty’s captaincy was rated very high and Diwakar and Sameer Acharya said that it is a pitty to see that Jaya Srinivsan is now losing contestant’s confidence in the house.

At the Bigg Boss Kannada also some people raised this issue that Jagan spends most of the time with girls and Diwakar has gained confidence in the house and he is though entertaining.

On Super Sunday’s Kichchan episode, Sruthi Hariharan praised designed of the Bigg Boss kitchen which is aesthetically and she also cooked prawns by taking Kichcha Sudeep’s guidance for the first time.

Sruthi also shared her favorite Italian delicacies. She said she makes dosa and anna sambhar during her free time. The movie actress Sruthi Hariharan arrived at the Bigg Boss Kannada as a special guest.

Another surprise guest in the house was former international cricketer Gundappa Vishwanath. He shared the experience of his debut test match and also spoke about it to the Superstar Sudeep that how he scored a century on the second innings at the test match because of captain’s confidence on him.

 Tonight at the Bigg Boss Kannada there will be the announcement of the luxury budget task and also the nomination process is all set to take place.


The video posts the channel on social networking websites shows that Sihikahi Chandru denies cooking in the house. He even will have an argument with Chandan Shetty over food distribution which is going to be the main issue of the Bigg Boss house.  

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