The TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu, Saturday episode, was full on fun, when the host Nani at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, received a grand entry he just brings massive and an immense fun at the show.

The last night episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, this has been shown a full drama in the house.

In the weekend episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, this has been shown that Tanish has been seen influenced by who is at the other end and he also stated that his decision will be different if he was playing against Sunainaa or Samrat.

 Bigg Boss Telugu 2

He also told Kaushal that he was not effective as an umpire at the last week episode. Nani explained that Kaushal’s job was to define what is right from wrong, which he failed to do.

He was also strict when he addressed Deepthi and said the way Deepthi commented on his personal life or other participants’ personal life at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, he doesn’t like that.

Deepthi had told that things which have hurt the sentiments of his family are just annoying.

Deepthi tried to explain that she only meant to comment on his patience level, but Nani asked her is she will be like these if somebody will be comment on her personal life and Deephti go silent with this at the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, weekend episode.

Regarding the last week game that was resulted between the all inmates laughing over each other’s answers and as the episode was about to be ended, Nani said about this that, “The housemates who would be in the protection zone today is… no one.” This resulted in a lot of groans from inside the house. With just one week of the game left, the housemates are waiting to see who will win the title this season.

The weekend task was assigned by Nani that all participants had to answer questions about themselves and the same question was eventually posted and share on the social site.

If their answers differed, the other competitors had to break an egg on their head and this was a fun game at the TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu.

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