Nani is back with the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and this weekend he hosts a fun episode. Nani actually started the last episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 2, with a short story about trust and betrayal post this public see the entire episode what happened in the house on Day 20.

Babu and Tanish, were booked in jailed for not obeying the rules and then Deepthi Sunaina gives Tanish company. Nani takes a playful dig at the last night episode of the TV reality show as two members were seen flirting with each other.

Nani also said after he notice the same that Babu is not happy about being locked up, and he also feels that someone else deserved to be there instead of him.

The day ends with Roll Rida and Geetha wishing each other goodbye post they completed their fun conversation. The competitors are then welcomed by Nani through the plasma screen and then the fun started.

Nani’s charm is the added attraction of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.

Now all the inmates play a game and pick a card which has names of other inmates and then they said two lines about this housemate, while the other participants along with Nani take a guess who is speaking now. Tanish draws Geetha’s name, while Ganesan draws Shyamala’s name.

When it is Tejaswi’s turn, Nani tries to get her to speak about Samrat. As they catch upon what happened through the weekend, Nani tells Tejaswi that she needs to learn to package her opinion and from now onward she should not hurt anyone in the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house.

He also pulls her leg about what has been conspiring between her and Samrat recently. AND how Samrat perform the task at the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house.

Now Nani calls upon Tanish and being discussed with him some reason which the audiences think at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu that the actor Nani has a soft corner for Tanish. So he warns that if in the future Tanish gets into trouble, then perhaps Nani will be support him.

As the game proceeds, Nani also said that Tejaswi and Bhanu were in the protected zone so the duos will not facing eviction this week. Geetha, Kireeti and Ganesh are the nominees who could be eradicates on Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss.

Nani ended the episode by explaining how Kireeti has been betrayed by the words of his inmates; due to this he had mistreated Kaushal last week also. Nani says, this is the reason that Kireeti stands alone today.

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