Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Written Episode Update – When Bhanu’s Prank Had Bring Tears In The Tanish’s Eyes: The last night episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu, started with all the inmates are getting ready to face the luxury budget task of the week. The new captain of the house, Kaushal, suggested the teammates be careful and continue the task till the buzzer will be ringing.

The task was for the house to be divided into good and evil teams. The good team had Tanish, Sunainaa, Babu, Kaushal, Deepthi, and Nandini. The evil team had Tejaswi, Bhanu, Amit, Samrat, Roll Rida, Geetha, and Ganesh.

The good guys are instructed to be good and will be needed to do all the house chores. They were also asked to protect three flowers which were kept in the house in different spaces and places.

The evil team was instructed to disturb them and to steal the flowers in order to destroy them.

The game starts on the fun note. The evil team begins to wreak chaos in the house, which kept interrupting the good team that tried to complete its household work and chores.

The highlight of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 31 was the clash between good and evil teams.

The team also managed to steal the three flowers and destroy them and this gesture of the opposite team begins to irk the good team who were busy cleaning.

The good team instructed and decided not to eat and, even they will not serve food either to the opposite bad team and they were even not making food.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Written Episode Update – When Bhanu’s Prank Had Bring Tears In The Tanish’s Eyes:

They thought, Hunger, of the bad team, might help bring down the energy levels of the evil team. They also decided to smile for everything whatever the evil team did to them.

Though, Kaushal decided not to stick to the decision made with the team and regarded this as the evil team and served them food.

This left the rest of the good team members stumped. By the evening the good team’s was seen patients for the warning. Tired of cleaning, the good team now determined and decided to lock the evil team inside the Bigg Boss Telugu house in order to clean the garden and the swimming pool areas anyway.

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An enormous argument and conflict followed when the good team refused and decided that they will not open the doors. Tejaswi, Bhanu, and Amit wanted to use the washroom, but the good team did not open the door and bad team was not allowed to open the door.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Bigg Boss sent batteries for the inmates’ mics, Right then. Tejaswi got hold of all the batteries and now want to reach the home but nobody is opening the door for her because of the conflict.

When nothing work, Amit, and Tejaswi got Bhanu to act as like, Tejaswini has been fallen down and got hurt to order to force the other team to open the door.

Miserably and, unfortunately, this had a negative impact and result on Sunainaa and Tanish. Sunainaa was shocked that something had happened to Bhanu and reached to him in hurry up.

But after reaching there she is shocked to know that nothing had happened. Bhanu apologized to her repeatedly until she forgives him and felt better.

In the meantime, Tanish was almost in tears because he was reminded of his father go through very similar kind of the incident. What was done in jest resulted in gloom and darkness at the end to the day in Bigg Boss Telugu house.

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