All inmates of the TV reality show, Nani’s Bigg Boss 2 Telugu are being punished as they were not following the housing rules. The most affected member of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, was Samrat, who has to dunk in the swimming pool every time whenever the alarm blares, while any housemate has been seen speaking in English.

When most of the housemates are sleepless and cranky, food is now served to them which each housemate enjoyed jointly and eat together.

Now at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, speaking, where Tejaswi left, Samrat saw speaking of the things which other inmates’ are having in their mind.

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He now started his conversation by asking other inmates to clear the food remains properly and put the plates to wash. He also refers to how men who use the women’s toilet need to clean them properly. “Has no one taught you this? This can only mean that no one at your home (parents) has taught you basic etiquette,” he says.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

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Everything is fine as housemates are busy eating, but Kaushal comment regarding the issue at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, that the meal and food need to have proper taste then people will be love to eat them.

Samrat replies that there is a way to express things, and Kaushal said something but the way of communication was so bad which actually irked the entire house.

This is when Nutan suddenly gets into the conversation. Irritated, he asks Samrat, “How dare you speak about my family? Don’t you know there are limits to a conversation? How dare you?”.

This was continues until Tejaswi interrupts and says that she spoke about food then why other inmates are interfering on it. Kaushal stresses yet again about there being a time and place to discuss everything which pissed Tejaswi and the duo just raised their voice against each other.

She said now, “Some people have no shame and yet help themselves to multiple servings.” This hits a nerve, and the argument happened between Tejaswi and Kaushal.

Now Tejaswi then sits down with her friends, Tanish and Samrat, to discuss the food but suddenly Tanish walks out and hears Nutan (who by then has forgiven and forgotten what Samrat has said) speak about how it is not okay to bring someone’s family in just a conflict at the Bigg Boss house.

Tanish gets mad and starts internal strife with Nutan, and everybody shouted now. Samrat arrived running there to see the new conflict at the Bigg Boss house in a midway and takes Tanish outside to cool the situation.

Bigg Boss then declares the captaincy task. He asks three members of the house to come forward to take part in the task. Amit, Tanish, and Kaushal come forward. Though Kaushal is nominated still he takes part in the task.

The task is for the 3 participants to hold on to a rope while the other members do ‘everything and anything they can to get them to leave the hold of the rope and get off the podium’. From tickling, shaving beards, dumping toothpaste to using lemon—housemates can do anything to them but the contestant who will give up will be defeated.

And the one who will stand till the end on this weekly task will be declared as the captain. None of them are ready to give up.

That is when Bhanu speaks to Samrat in front of the housemates that mostly people at the BB house are keen to make Tanish captain though Tanish is literally dominated by Samrat, Tanish, and Tejaswi again.

So Shyamala, Deepthi, and Nutan speak to Kaushal and tell him to give up the task as they want Amit as the captain of the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

Kaushal agrees, and so does Tanish. Amit gets chosen as the captain.

A new problem arises, though, post-Kaushal gives up the task. At the same time, while, performing the task, Keeriti says that he doesn’t like Kaushal’s behavior towards women which created some controversies at the house.

He is not ready to let it go, and there is a showdown in the garden area where Keerthi was seen speaking about Kaushal.

Now Kaushal asks the women in the house that if they are having any problem with him, and all of them respond in the negative. He also apologizes to Tejaswi before the task was started which also hold down the situation.

In front of everyone, He then apologizes to Kaushal but is not still undergoes the fact that Kasuahl’s behavior towards women is questionable.

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