On the Thursday episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, Mumtaz started her morning by preparing breakfast. As Day 4 started, Nithya makes rotis for the house and Mumtaz joined her to help her.

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Now at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, Nithya asked Mumtaz to inform her in advance about the home schedule and about her schedule too.

Mumtaz asked her not to start fighting with her because this is just a morning time, and asks if she doesn’t want to speak with her she should not.

She leaves the kitchen because Mahat and Balaji help Nithya out. She also makes a heart-shaped chapati for a special person, leading to Mahat and others said that love is in the air in the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house.

Bigg Boss Tamil

Then all inmates received their 3rd luxury budget task and all participants’ are divided into a team of seven and everyone is told to write a story about their lives. The other team is expected to write the beautiful story though.

Aishwarya penned down an emotional occurrence when her dad couldn’t afford to celebrate the puja as they were somehow economical backward on that period.

Though, The inmates, make fun of the way the story is written in Tamil. Yaashika then requested to them that they should not laugh because this is a painful serious incident for her.

They eventually find out that this is the real story of the Aishwarya’s life and her inmates get emotional.

Afterward, Balaji asks for rasam as he doesn’t eat the potato. Mumtaz then said that she can’t prepare rasam as there are no ingredients for the same Bigg Boss given them but Baalji said but he can’t eat potatoes. So she asks Nithya to make it, but Nithya refuses and then Mahat prepares rasam for Balaji.

Now on next day of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil house, some stank of sexism was being displayed. The day started with Yaashika and Aishwarya harassing Senrayan to Mahat referring to Yaashika and Aishwarya as figures, and this casual sexism issue turn as the worst nightmare in the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

If instead of Yaashika and Aishwarya, two men had passed such comments, this can actually create havoc at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Now Mumtaz dances with Senrayan on the popular song Kattipudi Kattipudi da, but suddenly she started crying as Sharik reminds her of the nephew.

Senrayan continues speaking in Balaji’s defense to Nithya and she said, “Would you have said the same if you sister’s reputation was torn to bits in the media. Which husband would go to the media and show pictures to say that his wife was having an affair?”

As she champions the cause of women’s right and she emphasized the fact that one should live their own life, not for the society, she also ruins everything with her own quote, “It’s okay if a husband gets drunk and hits the wife one day, but it’s not okay every day.”

This play at the Bigg Boss Tamil house was organized to emphasize on the fact that nothing like sexism should exist here as sexism is like a bad trend, unfortunately, following by some people of our society in our nation which is need to remove as soon as possible.

The host Kamal Haasan will be also seen speaking about the gender equality on the Bigg Boss Tamil, weekend episode!

The saving grace of this episode is the fourth task for the luxury budget, where the contestants’ gives punishment to some people what they deserve respectively.

From a sack of onions being cut to eggs being broken on each other heads, the task was just a fun to watch anyway at the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil.

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