The last night episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, this has been shown a full drama in the house. But on the Sunday episode of the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, with much no drama Kamal Haasan just declared easily that Mahat has been evicted from the house.

The TV reality show, Telugu Bigg Boss season 2 is now reaching towards its grand finale episode

Mahat, was already in the danger zone and due to he received fewer votes, he, just evicted from the house, which left all inmates a little bit confuse and sad.

He received the red card from the viewers for his attitude in the house against Mumtaz and Daniel.

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Following this, Mahat said goodbye to his friends in the house as well as seek an apology from everyone who was hurt in the house by his behavior.

Yaashika seems in the teary eyes because of his eviction from the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil; and Aishwarya was also said. The duo stated to the host Kamal Hassaan that they don’t want this to happen here at the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house.

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil 2: Mahat gets evicted from the Kamal Haasan show

Janani, Balaji, and Riythvika told Mahat to be confident as well as suggest him to changes his attitude. Janani, in fact, told him to go out and have a word with Prachi, with whom he was linked up.

At the row of his eviction from the TV reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, Mahat also seek an apology from the host and actor Kamal Haasan for his behavior at this reality show and he also said to the living legend that he will bring change in his behaviors for the better.

Kamal also requested the people to give Mahat another chance once he left the house, Kamal spoke to all inmates about appointing a new captain as Mahat was the out-going captain. Riythvika had received a prize for being fair in her judgment and Kamal praised her.

The housemates, who are usually saddened by the exit of inmates, seemed supremely happy and Yaashika and Aishwarya discussed the same.

Now the duo talks with each other and said that they need to be cautious now from Mumtaz and they also decided to nominate each other in the coming week.

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