Bigg Boss 11 TV reality show started with the bang on this Sunday. The Sunday or inauguration night of the TV reality show Bigg Boss 11 started with some flashy performances and the first episode was rocking.

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The launch of the biggest reality show in this country had to be absolutely error free and not even the cosmos could stop the show to be the talk of the town.

In the hit Hollywood film, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, ‘the island of misfit toys’ is worthy to compare the TV reality show Bigg Boss with the same of this 11 season.

Here is the summery of the glitzy and glossy premiere episode of the TV reality show Bigg Boss 11:

What’s hot

First things first, Salman Khan was seen promoting the sequel of his film Judwaa, Judwaa 2 with his juniors Varun Dhawan.

After the fun and promotions of Judwaa 2, one of the contestants Sapna Chaudhary, joined the TV reality show Bigg Boss 11 and she gives a warming dancing act.

After Sapna Chowdhury Shilpa Shinde come in her Angoori Bhabhi avatar which was just funny but nothing much to offer from Shilpa’s side it seems like.

It seems like Shilpa will be in the house in her Bhabhi Ji style and now the self-proclaimed rapper Akash Dadlani, come and shake legs with Salman.

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Shivani Durgah is a breath of fresh air. And she appears very natural on the TV reality to show Bigg Boss 11. Priyank Sharma is an eye candy, and at the Bigg Boss house, he will be surely going to catch some eyeballs. In the social media, girls identified him as cute, cuter and so on.

Hina Khan’s musical act was worth and Hiten Tejwani is already married so his strings at the Bigg Boss house will be broken so many hearts.

Add these contestants to a mixture of a rich spoilt brat, a stripping attention seeker so those contestants’ are misfit toys.

The wall with colorful buttons in the living area wins over immediately and most of the retained the Jacuzzi.

What’s not

The biggest flaw of this season lies in the very theme – padosi. It was hyped and buzz that the Bigg Boss Season 11 will be having a theme of partition like Heaven and Hell like its earlier season but the padosi theme is not good for the audiences, at least its looks like.

Something which is very pity in this season of the Bigg Boss is that no big star comes in the show, perhaps now it is impossible to endorse costly artist.

Literally there no big names in the show Bigg Boss except Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan, and Shilpa Shinde. The show is said to be divided into 6 celebrities and 12 commoners. But I can see only 3 celebrities in the house!

It will be really yet to see whether new celebrities or wildcard entrants will come in the Bigg Boss house or not.

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