The TV reality Bigg Boss 11 is touted the most controversial season amongst all seasons and on each day the show is turned to be an interesting one.

However, on this season, the popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 11 is busy witnessing continues fight between the inmates and conflicts and arguments is part of life in the Bigg Boss 12 anyway.

Somehow despite in the Salman Khan hosted show Bigg Boss there is plenty of fight but still, there is a couple Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra who seem like spreading love is in the air.

Puneesh and Bandgi proximity are having plenty of eyeballs in the Bigg Boss house. Their romance was started just casually but now seems like that the duo is actually fallen for each other, at least if you see Bigg Boss 11 daily you will feel so.

Bigg Boss 11: When Puneesh Asked Bandgi To Remove Her Dress, & What Happen Next Will Make You Say WTF!

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The romance and closeness between Bandgi and Puneesh is a topic of discussion in inside as well as in outside of the Bigg Boss house and this also becomes part of the show.

No need to say that the romance and love between Bandgi and Puneesh are touching height in the popular show.

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On Weekend Ka Vaar, we saw how the actor turned host Salman Khan asked Bandgi and Puneesh that the duo need to be careful as they are on the national television.

Salman also raised this issue that their parents are also watching the show so the young couple needs to be in their limit.

But it looks like the couple is just like a carefree and they are doing whatever they want. A current video which is going viral is proof of the same.

Currently, a video featuring Puneesh and Bandgi is going viral on the internet and multiple social media platforms. In the video, Puneesh and Bandgi are having dirty talks after the light in Bigg Boss house went off. We are unable to hear everything said in the video, but we did get something out of it.

In the video, Puneesh and Bandgi are sitting together on the sofa, where he asks her to removes her clothes and he will be also removing his T-shirt. She initially hesitates initially but gives nod when Puneesh asked her to do so.

Bigg Boss 11: When Puneesh Asked Bandgi To Remove Her Dress, & What Happen Next Will Make You Say WTF!

Image Source: Twitter

But suddenly Bandgi calls Puneeesh Selfish. She also said that she can’t sit with him now, contradictory the duo was very close to each other in the early days.

Bigg Boss is known for witnessing so many love affairs literally but Bandgi and Puneesh’s love is little different, they exactly cross all limits.

But it will be yet to see whether Puneesh and Bandgi are in real love and they will continue their love post they will be going out from the Bigg Boss house!

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