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Bhaai Dooj: 4 Telugu Movies Emotionally Depicts Brother And Sisters Relationship

Today India is celebrating and observing the pious festival Bhaai Dooj and brothers and sisters are generally shares sweet and sour relationship, still love for the duo is incredible.

No wonder, why we all celebrate Bhaai Dooj, the sibling’s festival with great honor, joy and zeal. Due to the bonding in unbelievable between brothers and sisters, so their love is all limitless and the festival Bhaai Dooj is all about that.

And the bonding or love between the brothers and sisters also inspires Tollywood filmmakers to make films on that, so we have number of good many Telugu flicks which is all about the brothers and sisters love and in this Bhaai Dooj we will be note down some such of the movies names.

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Bhaai Dooj: 4 Telugu Movies Emotionally Depicts Brother And Sisters Relationship

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1). ‘Hitler’

‘Hitler’ is the story of a elder brother, Madhava Rao, played by Chiranjeevi, whose life revolves round his 5 younger sisters and he can do anything for the sake of his sisters. The story is all about how in each phases of his sister’s life he protects him and the ultimate sacrifices he made for his sisters. The film was also remake in Hindi as Krodh.

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2). Arjun

The action drama, Arjun, perfectly, depicted a special kind of relationship, younger brother shares with his elder sister, and he is ready to do all kinds of sacrifices for his sister which is beautifully presented in the cinema.

The film is all about how in each phases of the sister’s life, her brother protected her. Mahesh Babu and Keerthi Reddy, was seen in the role of the brother and sister duo.

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3). Muddula Mavayya

Nandamuri Balakrishna essay main lead in the movie Muddula Mavayya which also display the tender and loving relationship a brother and sister’s shares with each other. The movie perfectly shows a siblings special relationship and how in each field of life, the brother is ready to do sacrifices for his sister and the movie Muddula Mavayya was all about that which was also remake in Hindi as Aaaj Ka Arjun, originally, the film Muddula Mavayya was remake of a Tamil movie,
En Thangachi Padichava.

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4). Gorintaku

This one is very emotional and touching story, the movie Gorintaku depicts the brother and sister journey and how the sibling’s duo bonding turns to be inseparable one. In the movie Gorintaku, Rajshekhar and Meera Jasmine play the lead roles and both brother and sister also dies together in this movie which is gives a tragic end to the film.

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