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Top 5 Best Female Actresses or Celebs Who Stole My Heart 2018

Actress Love

Love Is Blind, and True Love Is the World’s Most Intoxicating Feeling! 

Honestly, I have felt something special about myself. Since my childhood, I knew that I was a lot different from others. And true to my words, my choices also remained different and quite, exemplary ones.

I didn’t know the true meaning of love and the feeling of a heart until I saw these celebrities on big screens

When it comes to my choices regarding female celebrities, I have always been extremely choosy. Well, it was not a pre-planned decision, but I always wanted to ensure that my favorite female celebrities should be always in a league of their own!

Top 5 Best Female TV Actresses Who I Adore the Most

#5) Anushka Sharma: Initially, I wasn’t a big fan of her. However, within a couple of years in Bollywood, Anushka proved her worth by demonstrating her acting skills in a lot of films belonging to different niches.

Soon, she became the female superstar in Bollywood. I was particularly, fascinated by her impeccable acting in NH10. Moreover, in the last few years, Anushka Sharma is constantly opting for meaningful roles – something that instantly connects my mind heart and soul.

#4) Disha Patani: What to say of this beautiful diva? In no time, she has now become the heart-throb of the nation. Thanks to her cute face and awesome styling, many say she is the national crush of India.

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Be it a western outfit or traditional garments, Disha is certain to don both types of garments in an awesome manner. She is the real fashionista in Bollywood.

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Disha is cute, petite and highly energetic lass with an ever-growing intent to try something new each time. 

#3) Paty Cardona: Well, she is the latest entrant in the list of my heartiest celebrities. I saw her once on ‘Latin Angels’ TV Show around 4 years back, and since then she has continued to remain one of my most loved celebrities.

Beauty, elegance, style, voice and knowledge – she has got everything in her. She is a famous US TV personality with her roots belonging to Latin American nation called Colombia.

She is a the Loveliest Latin Angel 🙂

#2) Diana Penty: I didn’t even know her properly when she acted in Cocktail. But after a few years, I saw her on some magazine covers.

And instantly, she became my favorite. Gladly enough, she came back with a bang in Happy Bhaag Jaayegi, and more than the film, it was Diana’s stellar performance that took my heart away. The film was hit at Box Office too.

Diana’s cute face and elegant styling always steal the hearts of her diehard fans like me. She is absolutely flawless, fabulous and flamboyant all the time. 

My Most Favorite Celebrity Who I Love and Adore The Most!

#1) Amrita Rao ♥: Since my school days, I have been a big fan of her. I don’t know why but until now, I haven’t found any actress better than her as per my perception. Amrita Rao has got a huge fan-following worldwide.

Whatever she does, she does it with full perfection. And her ‘girl next door’ look on the face and demeanor is something that makes every guy swoon over seeing her angelic face and extremely sweet voice.

With the passage of time, Amrita Rao is only getting more resplendent than ever. She is an ageless diva and the finest celebrity with a golden heart and a rational mind. She is creative and immensely talented with a lot of versatile abilities.

Finally, I want to conclude this article with this Quote of Mine 🙂

Love rekindles your soul with a scintillating feel to see and recognize the beautiful people around you and appreciate their priceless presence!

Thank You All for Your Valuable Time. Hope You Guys Have Enjoyed Reading It. By the Way, Why Don’t You Speak About Your Favorite Celebrity Crush Below in the comments section.

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