Bengali Recipe Preparation: Steam Hilsa Fish

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Hilsa Fish 1 KG (Cut into pieces round)

Mustard paste 4 tablespoonful

Mustard oil 1 coffee mug full

Turmeric powder 2 teaspoonful

Salt as per taste

Kashmiri Mirch powder 2 teaspoonful

Crush coconut half bowl

Banana leaves 2 cut it square size


Green Chill 2 teaspoonful

Green chilli

Coriander leaves cut it properly

Bengali Recipe Preparation: Steam Hilsa FishMethod to prepare Bengali Recipe: Steam Hilsa Fish

Firstly wash the fish properly which is already kept after cutting.

Now take a bowl and pour the mustard paste on the same with some salt, turmeric powder, green chili paste, Kashmiri Mirch, crush coconut and mixes it properly after adding oil on the same.

Now keep the masala aside. Now put the fish pieces on the masala which you already wash and mixes in the masala properly.

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Now take the banana leaves which already you have cut in the square size. Now take the square cut banana leaves and brush it properly with some mustard oil.

Now put the fish on the banana leaves and remember masala should be over the fish properly. Now fold the banana leaves over the fish, means rap it and connect it with a toothpick.

With this same process, you have to rap all the fishes with the help of banana leaves. And joining it with toothpick means to connect.

Now let the water boil in cooking pan. When the water will be boil properly put the fishes on over it which is already properly being rap with the banana leaves.

After 5 minutes you can take the fish out from the boiling water. Now you can open the banana leaves and now you can see that the steam hilsa fish already being prepared and it is ready to serve which you cans serve with hot basmati rice and lemon.

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Garnish the fish after opening it from the banana leaves with green chili and coriander leaves.

(By: Snigdha Home Chowdhury)

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