Behind The Scenes is the latest gem from Sharmishta Shenoy. For her impeccable “storytelling skills of suspense stories”, she is often regarded as the indianised version of the legend Agatha Christie by her readers. The lucid language of the authoress with the enchanting mystery plot will keep the readers glued to the book.

From the very start, the story is intermingled with many twists and turns. The book begins with a shocking plot of how a Bengali film superstar Ryan Gomez is poisoned to death during his shooting for a film in Darjeeling. After several investigations, Police zeroed in on Sheila Dhar, the leading lady of the film as the chief suspect.

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Interestingly, Sheila is the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Gomez, and the latter has recently broken an engagement with her. Unable to bear the shock, Sheila Dhar attempted suicide, and somehow survived after her thorough treatment at a Kolkata hospital.

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The correlation of an attempted suicide and then Ryan Gomez’s sudden murder brought the matter to the hand of Kolkata CID. And then Vikram Rana, the super cop (detective) appeared in the scene.

Can Vikram Rana Crack Ryan Gomez’s Death Mystery

The initial suspect is Sheila Dhar considering the turbulent relationship between Sheila and Ryan. The revenge for an unfruitful engagement could be an apparent motive behind the murder. But then there are many other suspects too.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Ryan made a few enemies in the film industry. Rustom, the popular film producer also shares a badblood with the superstar. His lover was the 1st wife of Ryan. So, it was definitely a matter of rift between the superstar and the producer.

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Then the screenplay writer Allan was also not too pleased at Ryan’s overall influence in the Bengali film industry. Their altercation was out in the open on several occassions. Surprisingly, film director Paddy was also in Love with Sheila and he was envious of the latter’s relationship with Ryan.

Well, you have to read the book to find it out whether Vikram Rana will become successful in solving the murder mystery or not. No doubt, Sharmishta Shenoy did a decent writing job for Behind the Scenes.

Plot: ****/5 (4/5)

Language: *****/5 (5/5)

The CheckerNews Verdict and Rating: ****0.5/5 (4.5/5) SuperHit

So, what are you waiting for guys? Grab your copy of the Sharmishta Shenoy’s latest book now 🙂

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