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Battling heart diseases together with AMRI Hospitals

Heart diseases are fatal. But,thatdoesn’t mean you have to accept theseas your fate. Miracles do happen with firm will power and desire to live a long life. A few changes in your lifestyle can lead to a major impact on your heart heath, say cardiologists at AMRI Hospitals,the best heart hospital in Kolkata. It offers thebest cardiac care in Kolkata.


Although you cannot really control a few risk factors like heredity, sex or age, there are some preventive measures, which can safeguard you against them:

Battling heart diseases together with AMRI Hospitals

Keep a check on your blood cholesterol level

High blood cholesterol level happens to be one of the major causes of a heart disease. You can keep a check on it with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and high on fibre.

Control high blood pressure

A few changes in your daily routine, like ensuring regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco, can be effective in controlling your blood pressure.

Prevent diabetes

Diabetic people (especially Type 2 diabetes) are at a higher risk of suffering from a heart disease. You can reduce the risk by maintaining healthy weight and ensuring regular physical activity.

Cut down on alcohol intake

People who consume alcohol daily are advised to decrease the intake, to lower the risk of heart diseases.

No tobacco

Cardiologists at AMRI Hospitals state that heart attacks are much more common in smokers as compared to non-smokers. Excessive smoking narrows your blood vessels, cutting down the oxygen levels in blood, which makes your heart pump faster.The risk of a heart attack decreases significantly soon after quitting tobacco.

Maintain a healthy weight

People who are overweight require more blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body. Thus, the increase in volume of blood circulated through the blood vessels also increases the pressure on the artery walls.

Regular physical activity

Physical inactivity also results in higher risk of heart diseases. Thus, it is important to engage in moderate level physical activities for a minimum of half an hour on a daily basis.

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