Some Weeks post the 25th July general elections were held, Balochistan is also can have a new government in place. On the 19th August, Jam Kamal took oath as the new chief minister of the nation Balochistan.

He is all set to heads the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP)-led government with the support of the PTI, the ANP, the BNP-Awami, and the Hazara Democratic Party.

Now that Balochistan has a new government and new members in the provincial assembly, the question now arises is: what difference can make the new arrangement make for the province?

The roots of the BAP can be traced back with the insurgency and rebellion of former PML-N members against former chief minister Sanaullah Khan Zehri in the January of 2018.

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At the end of March 2018, The BAP was formed. The party’s main aim is to make sure that all decisions pertaining to Balochistan will be making up and prepared in the Balochistan alone.

Though, the general impression is that BAP was formed and created by the powers that be to merge control on the government of Balochistan.

So, Jam Kamal has assumed office with an enormous baggage that he has to reckon with.

Jam Kamal has determined plans to reform Balochistan – which he already claims. Jam Kamal is also keen to bring a plethora of reforms in the corruption-infested, gravely mismanaged and poorly-governed province.

He also declared his decision to establish complaint cells in all districts of Balochistan which will be work under a central cell in the CM’s Secretariat.

These cells will ensure good governance in the province and will also take note of the complaints and grievances put forward by the people.

In addition, he also interested and keen to address the inconsistencies in the flawed Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), that will constitute the development component of Balochistan’s budget.

He just wants to now introduce a strategy which prioritizes integrated development planning rather than small development schemes which are predominantly based on the whims of MPAs.

This will be yet to see whether Jam Kamal achieve all these ambitious targets in the coming days?

Jam Kamal is also blessed with a very ‘clean character’, so obviously, there are no allegations of corruption or bad governance against him, so this will be yet to see his further opinion regarding Balochistan.

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