The date 10th July is globally rejoiced and celebrated as the Bahamian Independence Day and the celebration is done because on the very same day the Bahamas which was an Island became a nation – and date of the celebration is on July 10, 1973, Bahamian Independence Day.

This year — on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 – globally we celebrate Bahamian Independence Day which is not to be missed anyway!

Anyway, in the Caribbean side and its various and many areas, the hundreds of islands and cays that make up the Bahamas were “discovered” and then in the late 1400s the island was claimed by European explorers.

The road back to independence and self-rule was long and somehow was relatively peaceful.

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The history of the Bahamas said that between the time that the islands were settled and the centuries that passed previous to independence explains why the culture and people of the Bahamas are rich and blessed with the native Caribbean, European and African influences.

On many of the islands, The first settlers, thought to be predominantly and mostly the Arawak speaking Lucayan or Taino people arrived from South America sometime around 9th Century. For hundreds of years, the indigenous culture thrived which spread from island to island.

Bahamian Independence Day

On his first journey to the Americas in 1492, the Columbus landed at San Salvador to claim the Caribbean islands for the Spanish. (The word the Bahamas is thought to come and taken from the Arawak name for the islands, but some historians believe it comes from the Spanish, “Baja Mar,” which means “shallow sea.”)

Bahamian Independence Day: History & Significances’ Of This Global Day

During that time Spain used to control the islands, African slaves were brought to work in the plantation fields or in the homes of the plantation owners, government officials and other wealthy Spaniards.

ACTUALLY, MOST OF THE original population was destroyed through fighting and diseases brought to the islands by the new African and Spanish the people and the population.

The Dutch gained control of the islands of the Bahamas for a short time but lost from the English.

In 1670, The Islands were claimed by the English. The Bahamas remained mainly under British rule for the next 300 years. In 1782, A brief one year return to Spanish rule ended with the Bahamas which is being claimed by the British.

On the road to independence

In the Bahamas in 1838, the Slavery was officially removed and abolished. Many former slaves remained on the land who eventually turns to be the landowners themselves.

Though all residents of the Bahamas were free, the Islands were the colony of the United Kingdom. But much of day-to-day governing of the country was actually based in the Bahamas. This became a major factor which brought a peaceful negotiation for Bahama’s independence.

After decades of debate and legal maneuvering,  In 1964, Great Britain granted The Islands Of The Bahamas limited self-government. The Bahamas finally became a British Commonwealth, In 1969, which effectively mark the ending of the colonial rule.

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After, Four years, the Bahama Islands received a wholesome and total independence from Great Britain and, on July 10, 1973, turn to be a sovereign nation, ending 325 years of British rule.

On 10th July we celebrate the big day, which is known as the Bahamian Independence Day which is a week-long celebration already started from the 3rd July and continues till 10th July, which is also leading up to the official Independence Day or the Bahamian Independence Day on the 10th July.

This is the mix of traditional Junkanoo and carnival parades — and some plenty of the fireworks displays — are a highlight of the celebrations, punctuated with official speeches celebrating freedom and independence all the way through the islands!


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Bahamian Independence Day

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