A BRADFORD man has been received jailed for four-and-a-half years, due to he committed incest by fathering three children by his own daughter.

Bradford Crown Court get to know that the 81-years-old  Ashraf Khan’s secret decipherer only after the woman confessed on her deathbed that how her own father abused her in the early 1990s.

The defendant, now 81, was arrested after the woman’s husband, who had also gone through the DNA tests and the TEST confirm the children’s parentage, and finally reported the matter in 2012 to the West Yorkshire Police.

Abigail Langford, the Prosecutor told the court that the complainant, in this case, is for the atrocities, reportedly, happened with one of Khan’s six children, who was born in the 1960s, in Pakistan.

AS per media reports, the victim was married her husband there in the early 1980s, before moving to Bradford when she joined her husband and her father. She eventually gives birth to 3 children but in that decade, she also passed away.

Miss Langford said: “It was on her deathbed that she told her husband that the defendant was, in fact, the father of her three children.”

She added that DNA tests carried out by the woman’s husband, who is suspicious about his children’s father, and then he “confirmed what his wife had told him in her dying moments”.

However, the victim’s husband did not report the matter to the cop or police right way, with Miss Langford explaining: “He wished to continue to act as a father and care for the children he had brought up as his own.”

in 2012, somehow these secret matters were reported to police, Khan just comeback in Pakistan, and, until 2016, he did not return to the UK.

in September of that year, When Khjan was interviewed, the court heard he “denied having any sexual relations with his daughter”.

Ashraf Khan, 81, of Lidget Green, jailed after admitting that he impregnate his own daughter with 3 children

Miss Langford also told that medical report concerning the three children had found several ailments said to be “directly attributed to their incestual parentage”, which includes, an inability to feel certain kinds of pain, resulting in injuries, like, burns during their childhoods.

In an impact statement of the joint victim, the children said Khan’s offending had caused psychological damage, which affected on their physical health.

The children also paid tribute to their mother’s “honorable” husband for his “fortitude and selflessness throughout the years”.

Khan, of Kirkburn Place, Lidget Green, Bradford, pleaded as a guilty to the three mentioned incest, reportedly, just over a month ahead of a proposed trial.

Khan’s lawyer, Nigel Jamieson, said his client suffered from poor health, and said that the prison sentence will not be good for this old man.

He said: “He (Khan) comes to court today knowing that it must be an immediate custodial sentence. The sentence must be a punitive one, however much time has passed since the offenses.”

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, The Recorder of Bradford, told Khan: “You are a very dishonorable and wicked gentleman, we all now see.”

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talking about how the woman brought Khan’s offending to light, the judge told that: “Her deathbed confession, how dreadful that must have been. Unburdening her soul about this awful trauma she had carried with her.”

He told Khan: “When arrested, you denied matters. Only in the month before your trial did you admit your guilt when you were confronted with the facts and had nowhere to go.

“Those who do this will be regarded as very serious offenders, but in this case, the harm is off the scale.

“You are of good character, but that is a shallow comment because you have got away with this for years.”

Judge Durham Hall said the guidelines for an offense of incest is the maximum sentence of around 2 years but also added that the 18-month sentences for each of the three incent counts will go uninterruptedly, which means it will be giving around 54 months of the total prison term.

one of the victim woman’s three children said knowing and talking about this unexceptional case: “We would like this case to bring awareness of incest being committed, and for other people who may have experienced something similar to come forward so that other offenders who have committed similar crimes can be tried through the courts.”

They also focus on the issue from their victim impact statement, which read: “No amount of words can explain what we have been through or what we are going through.

“You hear and read about men who commit incest never thinking it would happen in your own family, especially to your own mother.

“The only one who was there for us was a man of no blood relation who brought us up as if we were his own children.

“The significant choice and sacrifice that he made we will never be able to thank him enough.

“We cannot begin to imagine what he has been through in terms of how it has affected him mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

“It takes a special man to be a dad, as anyone can be a father. He is one of a kind and we will never be able to repay him for what he has done for us.

“Everything we are suffering and going through has all been a big rollercoaster and surreal.

“Her father was the one who was supposed to protect his daughter against anyone who caused her harm, but instead he committed these horrific acts without thinking about any of the consequences.

“He thought he had got away with the acts he had committed for many years, but the past has caught up with him.

“The man pleading guilty was life-changing for us. When he pleaded guilty, it confirmed what he had done to his daughter.

“He had portrayed a clean-cut image for many years, but secrets cannot be hidden and lies eventually catch up with you.

“The psychological and mental damage he has done is significant to so many lives, especially to our lives. There has been a lot of unanswered questions that have been answered now.

“It has been a long journey from discovering the horrific acts he committed to his daughter to report the matter to the police. With the help and support of the fantastic police force and the CPS, today, after many, many years since our mother passed away, we have finally got justice for our mum.”

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