The report is coming from the small town of Arunachal Pradesh, Tezu where a crowd of people dragged a criminal from the custody and reportedly beaten him to death.

Arunachal Pradesh: Two Rape Accused Dragged From Police Station & Beaten To Death By Angry Crowd

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The person who became victim of Lynching is accused of raping and killing of a 5-year-old. This brutal incident will be anyway reminds of the similar kind of incident of Akku Yadav‘s case which happened in Maharashtra around 2004.

The incident

The state police stated that the duo Sanjay Sobor, 30, and Jagdish Lohar, 25, were dragged out of the police station by an angry mob and the mob taken them to an open market place where they were beaten both Sanjay and Jagdish to death.

“The incident took place at 12:05 pm. A mob of nearly 1,000 people attacked the police lockup and took away the two accused. Some policemen have also sustained injuries in the attack,” said Apur Bitin, DIG (Eastern Range), Arunachal Pradesh police, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The 3 police officers who were unable to stop the angry crowd already they have been suspended. A police inspector has been also transferred.


On 12th February a five-year-old girl was kidnapped from Namgo village, in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. On 17th February the dead body of the child, with plenty of injuries was found in a tea-garden.

Investigations disclosed the child was raped, then killed. One accused Sanjay Sobor confessed of molesting and murdering the minor and told that he borrowed a machete from Jagdish to kill her, reportedly.

On the 19th February a crowd gathered outside the police station and overpowering the police, dragged the accused out of the police station and lynched him.

The police have registered this case against unknown people. No arrests have been made till now as per reports.

The state Chief Minister Pema Khandu defined the rape and murder of the 5-years-old a “barbaric and inhuman” and termed Monday’s incident of the angry crowd killed the two accused as “unfortunate”.

“Our laid down rules and regulations do not allow us to take the law into our hands,” said Khandu and also ordered to make a police inquiry of this unfortunate incident.

Irrespective of this that how the heinous crime rape is but still, whatever crowd did with the accused is not consider being good or right!

In short mob should not take law in their hands!

Article Source: Hindustan Times

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