Twinkle Khanna take a dig at The Viral Fever CEO Arunabh Kumar who was recently accused on the various social site of harassing his female subordinate who worked with him on his company as juniors.

Just when you thought that Aruabh Kumar and TVF is actually gone viral you will think surely why he went viral. This is so as he is accused of being physically and sexually harassing his female staffs as per reports.

The Viral Fever, his entertainment company, also get focus when ‘Mrs Funnybones’ aka Twinkle Khanna dropped some word-bombs on Arunabh, and those words are quite badass!

Twinkle Khanna Take Dig At TVF's Arunabh Kumar: Calling her sexy is OK in bedroom, not in boardroom

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The controversy of Arunabh Kumar started when an anonymous Medium user ‘Indian Fowler’ posted a post on her blog, titled ‘The Indian Uber – That is TVF’. In the blog, the writer mention that actually Arunabh Kumar did sexual harassment with her also she said that he faces this in the hands of TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar for almost couple of years. So now finally she left the company as well as she made this public.

Soon enough, several such posts, though no longer anonymous, started revolving around on the social site as well as on the internet. These posts alleged that Arunabh Kumar that he had harassed many women working in TVF, and he is actually CEO of the company.

After TVF began investigating into the matter, the Arunabh Kumar-hullabaloo slowly began a major reason to get focus on the social media platform. The ‘trending’ and outrageous topics captured the imagination of the netizens.

Twinkle Khanna Take Dig At TVF's Arunabh Kumar: Calling her sexy is OK in bedroom, not in boardroom

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But now, Twinkle Khanna’s latest blog post about Arunabh Kumar will be surely catching your attention. So Twinkle has been seen taking dig at him by saying that the alleged Arunabh Kumar can misuse his power, privilege and position to victimise his female subordinates, Twinkle wrote for Times of India, “In a corner office with a view sits a loathsome frog, his tongue intermittently darting at all the little file-toting flies. This frog is not interested in turning into a prince – he already believes he is one – and stares bug-eyed at the flies, his toys or his employees whatever moniker fits them best in his mind”.

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She went on to give examples of such people which included ex-Infosys director Phaneesh Murthy, founder of Tehelka magazine Tarun Tejpal, former The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Director-General RK Pachauri and TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar.

Twinkle Khanna added that even she was not spared from getting harassed from one of her clients despite being a “fairly assertive woman” who is “married to a man who onscreen punches holes in walls with his bare fists”.

“A few years ago, a message on my phone reduced me to tears in the car. I had reached the breaking point after months of suggestive messages from a wealthy, powerful client that I had been pretending not to understand because all I wanted to do was to complete the project in a professional manner”, Twinkle wrote on her post.

But what she found most offensive was Arunabh Kumar’s comment, according to being a heterosexual, single man, can compliment a woman by calling her sexy in the bedroom but calling her sexy in the boardroom will be an offensive anyway.

Regarding this, Twinkle further also said that “‘Sexy’ is an acceptable compliment within a work environment only if she is a stripper and you are her pimp trying to boost her confidence before she takes the stage”.

She went on to add, “Telling a woman she is sexy in the bedroom is fine, telling her the same thing in the boardroom simply deplorable. So think before you croak or it may just be your turn to be doused in formaldehyde and dissected next”.

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