The latest film in Tollywood, Arjun Reddy, is considered as a path breaking films which received a plenty of the eye balls and the huge appreciation for its narration style.

Films Remade In All Indian Language Because of its Strong Content

The realistic portrayal of the onscreen character of Arjun Reddy is immortalized by Vijay Deverakonda who plays the titular role in the movie.

The film Arjun Reddy is deal with some social issues of the society including, drugs, drinking and anger management. Both these play a part in his catastrophe as well as evolvement.

Arjun Reddy: The Film Turn To Be A Global Phenomena

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While the romantic side of Arjun is to showers love for his dream girl Preeti, often he addresses her as ‘My Girl’ (Naa Pilla), the other side onscreen hero is not having good terms with the other women around him.

The loving side of the charator played by Vijay was accepted with great respect by audiences, but his womanizer side is rejected by the fans.

It will be ideal to say then that Vijay Deverakonda acting skill is so real and he gets into the skin of the character of Arjun, which looks like he is not Vijay, he is Arjun.

Vijay Deverakonda is speaking of his film to various media, and he also explains the reason and controversies behind the movie.

The craze of the film Arjun Reddy is par apart no wonder why the film is still the talk of the town even after 2 weeks of its release and the film also is gaining massive popularity.

The film Arjun Reddy is having Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role with Shalini. Arjun Reddy is facing huge controversies and some criticism for its bold subject matter.

But the filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is in full support for the film and considering it as a message oriented film.

Arjun Reddy managed to collect unbelievable numbers at the box office in India and overseas too. The US box office collections of Arjun Reddy show $1,681,996 which, when converted, is approximately INR 10.75 crore!

And at the Indian box office,the film has reportedly collected around INR 33.5 crores on the last Monday.

Anyways the Vijay’s film grab universal attention from different film industries and will soon be remade in many languages. It remains to be seen whether this melodrama is accepted or rejected by other regional Indian audiences from the Bollywood fans.

The film is now gearing up for remaking in Kannada language and it is said to be the Sandalwood actor Yash will be seen in the leading role for the Kannada remake of the film.

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