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April Fools’ Day: SMSs, WhatsApp Quotes, Funny Wishes, Pranks Idea, FB Status, Jokes, Greetings, Crystal Clear Images, Funny Pics

April Fools' Day

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The April Fools’, is a very ancient tradition and the practice, which is observed and celebrate as the April Fools’ Day, and the day, is wide, known as its system of performing some pranks and cracking some jokes and shenanigans on our friends and with our near and dear ones.

The event and the day, #AprilFoolsDay, is also extensively and broadly, recognized and said as the “All Fools’ Day”, sometimes, so it is crystal cleared that the #AprilFoolsDay, is a kind of day, which is special, dedicates to all fools people around the world and the day is also rejoicing and celebrate in the name of each fool of this world.

This is an annual (primarily) Western celebration which is remembered and celebrate on the 1st April, by playing practical jokes, with each other among the friends and family.

Something which is also quite common on the #AprilFoolsDay is spreading and diffusion false rumor and hoaxes around the world.

Those people who became the victim of the false jokes on them, “All Fools Day”, are called April Fools and their friends tease them all the time.

After playing pranks and funny jokes with our friends and family, it is quite common for the people and for us to shout, “April Foollll”, which is also one of the common practice and essence of the “All Fools Day”.

The above-mentioned festival is being celebrated since the 19th century; the day is not a public holiday in all nations but the day is indeed, for the celebration in most of the nations, in whole, across, this world.

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But this one is very crucial and important to remember on the April Fools’ Day, is to playing harmless pranks, with our friends and siblings’ and also cracking meaningful and decent jokes, which are very important anyway.

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Another important way, to rejoice the fiesta, #AprilFoolsDay, is by, sending some messages and quotes, related to the “All Fools Day”.

In this article, you will get a collection of the some #AprilFoolsDay, wishes and messages, which you can share with your friends and family. So without wasting time, just read the whole article by scrolling down the same.

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April Fools’ Day: SMSs, WhatsApp Quotes, Funny Wishes, Pranks Idea, FB Status, Jokes, Greetings, Crystal Clear Images, Funny Pics

1). You are beautiful…..

You are beautiful…..


When I say, you are beautiful…..???

Happy and Funny April Fools’ Day

2). Hey…. Dude!!!

There is a Lizard, over your head

Dude: OMG!! Where it is?

April Foollllll

3). He: I love you!!!!

She: What?

He: Yes, I love you!!!!

She: I Love you Too !!!

He: But it’s April Fool

4). Amongst all fools, I just love myself the most 😛

Common this is “All Fools Day”, My fraands 😛


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April Fools' Day

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April Fools' Day

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