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Top 10 Apps for College Students 2018 [Productive Apps]

There can be no astonishment and disagreements expected in saying that this is a smartphone era. Primarily because life without smartphones, technology, and the internet has almost become impossible.

It is quite evidential that youth is the largest and most active audience of the smartphones. Hence in this article, we have tried to make it even easy for college students because this article is all about the ten best apps that all college students must have.

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Top 10 Apps for College Students

1). Evernote:

College is tiresome because of the long lectures, extensive notes and never-ending assignments and we totally understand; which is why we have Evernote at the top position. Evernote is a note making an app that lets you organize all forms of your notes in one place. Most importantly it uses the cloud software so you can gain access to your notes anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it has features like bookmarks, clipping, composing and many more. Also, it is for free, however, if you want an all distraction-free app with more enhanced features the premium version is available.

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2). Coursera

At times we might not end up in the colleges or the course that we want due to some compelling reasons. If the same has happened to you or if you want to learn other courses to widen your horizons this app is just the right one. Coursera is an educational website primarily and now has launched as an app that has partnered with various renowned colleges and universities like that of the United States- Ivy League schools. It offers the curriculum, study materials for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). All the knowledge that you gain through this app can get you more scholarship and admission into top universities you always wanted to be in.

3). Brainscape Flashcards

This app allows you find, create and use flashcards anywhere. Flashcards are considered to be the most effective studying system. It allows customization where you can set the time for each flashcard repetition using cognitive science. The only thing you have to do is rate your understanding of a topic on a scale of 1-5. Accordingly, Brainscape determines the right time to quiz you again on the topic. Gradually your learning speed is bound to increase.

4). Oxford Dictionary

Dictionary is a must for any student because there are times when you come across a word whose meaning is puzzling and the obvious solution is the dictionary. Oxford dictionary is popular in the academic circle and otherwise.  The best part of having an app is that recent words added are instantly synced on to the dictionary. Moreover, it even has an audio pronunciation.

5). Scribd

Scribd is one of the largest online libraries that has the wide range of documents, books, news, magazines and many more. You can explore the trending topics and get personalized recommendations. You can even store the titles offline so as to access it without the internet connection.

6). EasyBib

College is never complete with assignments and citations are a crucial part of any paper submission. Citation though might seem simple one will realize what a pin it could be only when doing it. If you are already someone who has gone through the struggle we need not say more. Just download this app to make the task of citation easy. As you enter the title of he book or the article then complete details of the citation are provided; all you have to do is copy-paste the citations.

7). .BenchPrep Companion

Competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and others are crucial in the student’s life. BenchPrep has been developed addressing this concern of the students. It provides study plans, practice questions, flashcards, the game center for relaxation and many more.

8). Quizlet

This app makes studying simple, effective and quick process. It provides maps, charts, images, and figures to make the information precise and clear. The flashcards available in the app can be shared.

9). TED

Almost all of us have watched TED talks at some point or the other. TED is known for producing and promoting quality content that aims to promote expanding knowledge and enhanced lives. The TED talk videos are even available with subtitles in various languages. Moreover, the videos can best download to view it whenever you want without an internet connection.

10). Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

Managing finances and sticking to the budget is one of the important life lessons one takes forward from the college days. This app allows you to record the details of your spending pattern and produces reports. Thereby making you stick to your budget. In India app like Spending tracker provides the similar sort of service.

Now that you have got an idea of the most productive and useful ten apps that every college student must have; go download the apps that you need or have felt would be useful.

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